JUGGLING JUGULARS: Can You Explain? (mini-CD)

Hiljaiset Levyt 1998
all lyrics written by P.Mikkilä


I´m getting pissed off again - workers dare not strike.
I´m getting pissed off again - on dole you have no rights.
I´m getting pissed off again - ´cos do I have a choice?
Let´s get pissed off again - all the girls and boys!
They are trampling on our rights, are we going to take it without a fight?
They are trampling on our lives, and we believe their beautiful lies!
Be flexible, be flexible until you break.
Stop talking about minimum wage - You have too much weight!
Jump out or get thrown out by this system.
We are going to crash the ground - none of them.
(I would like to think about technology as a tool to free people from dull work, so that we could spend our time better - doing whatever we want. Now all it seems to do is making more money to the people that already have it too much...)


Little by little control has been given to the service of the markets - "survival of the fittest".
Those of us will have a future with this effectiveness and centralization:
Who obey, agree, adapt and are ready to fight for that position.
Will the rest of us lose our identities because we don’t know anything anymore?
Will they lead us to a battle against each other?


See me, hear me, notice me, feel me - Anything for the fifteen minutes.
Fifteen minutes of fame and we are ready for every game.
There´s nothing to be ashamed if you get your quarter of fame.
Sell me, fuck me, abuse me, destroy me - Anything for the fifteen minutes.
(Disposable culture needs its disposable celebs...)


You had work late and it’s getting dark.
Can you walk alone through the lightless park?
A lonely woman - an easy target for those crazy bastards in the darkness.
Strong rapist - sudden attack, sex twisted to some violent act.
There´s no words to describe my hate, no punishment can justify victim’s fate.
Can you explain what makes men to turn to such bastards?
Can you explain?
A trustful child fulfills your dreams, you force an innocent suck your seeds.
Time goes by but your sickness won’t go away; it´s going worse day by day!
You feed your lust with sick videos, you feed your lust with little sexdolls.
What the fuck is wrong with your mind? Hey man, try to get help of any kind!
Can you explain what makes men to turn to such bastards?
Can you explain?
Sex can be so wonderful, it can be so beautiful,
it makes your mind feel better, it makes your sweating glitter.
So how can the best thing in this world turn to hundreds of dirty words,
pervert men, violent acts, power games, enormous shames? ("The struggle against rape is not easy. Rape will exist for as long as we live in a society based on capitalism and patriarchy. Rape will exist for as long as women are treated like lumps of meat, to be abused and then disposed of. Rape will exist until men come to terms with what is going on in our heads, until we try to change and challenge all the stereotyping, all the roles, all the power. It is vital that men act against sexism and sexual violence - from becoming aware of our own behaviour to attacking institutions that uphold women’s oppression. Rape is not a "women´s issue", "a problem for women". It is our problem." [Men speaking out on men and sexism #2])


Escape, escape from this shrinking world.
Escape, escape like you have learned.
Expand your horizons with a hundred ways.
But in the end of the day you´re in the same place.
When the walls come closer and it´s getting hard to breathe
- Should we shrink ourselves or stop to think?
It´s so small world and we´ll make it smaller
supporting the companies that spread like tumor.
"One world - one culture" - what could be better?
In our tiny world we´re all pulling the trigger!
(The world becomes smaller faster and faster. You can see almost everywhere in this planet the very same greedy multinationals´ neon signs. So "safe" to travel when all is the same fucking American bullshit...)


On monday he was so "crust" and totally drunk.
On tuesday he was already into 77-punk.
On wednesday he drank beer and ate becon.
On thursday he was straight edge and vegan.
On Friday it was time to give anti-fascists a helping hand.
On saturday he was in a satanic metal band.
On Sunday he rested because he thought he´s a god.
So while you are listening to this he´s writing a new decalog!
Mr. Extreme - swimming in a trend-stream.
Mr. Extreme - what a need of competence!
You know how it goes:
Make your own pedestrals,
make your own rules,
make your own thruths,
but can´t you see who´s the real fool?
("So eager to please, peer pressure decrees...Chickenshit conformists like your parents" [Dead Kennedys])


We born, live and die.
There´s no punishment, there´s no reward of what we do with our lives
- so why keep on licking other´s asses?
When it´s You who will die Your death.
And it´s You who could live Your life.
Love yourself, hug yourself, respect yourself, let´s go to "hell"!
Let me out, let me out, out of the shadows into the light.
The older I get the less I believe.
I don´t believe in god and I don´t believe in soul.
It´s now and it´s here - your road is leading nowhere.
It´s now and it´s here - we´ve got to learn to live without fear!
("Levymme sanoo, että älä pelkää, sillä pelkääjistä tulee fasisteja" [Pelle & N.U.S. -78])

(c) Manus

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