JUGGLING JUGULARS:... for Humanity (early 90's) (mini-CD)

Hiljaiset Levyt 1994
all lyrics by P.Mikkilä


This is western music for the western people
This is so fucking stupid - maybe we don't even know...
How could we ever understand what is it to be exploited
by the countries where people sing "we are the world" or "imagine"?

Why must the fight always turn into money?
Sign a major label for "wider audience"
Fuck, there are hundreds of good lyrics,
but none of them is good enough for the real war

If it is not entertainment for you or me,
millions of the others think it is.
So, it is not for them, it's for you and me
We don't need to deal musicwise with the majority!

We don't know nothing - How does it feel to really starve?


Why should I solve the problems you create with your attitude?
Why should I bother to lose my sleep caring about your troubles,
when all I get from you comes so high above
But I won't submit myself in front of you

Your power means nothing to me, it's not from my world!


Don't give me more than I can give; being a debtor dominates me
Pleasure of giving means so often pleasure of being the creditor

Our hands are tied by obigation to take, in order to take the step
The more they give the more my chain weights

Don't give me more than I can give, you fucking sanctimonious shit
Pleasure of giving means so often underestimation of the other people


You are such an asshole, but I'd like to understand what goes
What goes thru your mind and what's wrong with the scene you see
When others are having fun - You always seem to lost your sun
Disturbance; what do you get out of it? Hit your stride; beautiful confusion

Everybody is dancing to your tune

Is it the feeling that something is happening?
Or is it kind of feeling of power? The feeling of Power?
There will come a day, when you can only pray
that someone has time for You

If you don't want to be a part of this - stay out!
I don't want to hear about the late 70's or the early 80's
When everything was great and the protest was so real
But was your crisis, because the world is still so fucking fucked up!


This is freedom - that's what they say
But no matter how you understand it - It's always the wrong way
I guess we don't read - I guess we don't write
In the same way - because I'm always the opposite side

Yes-No-Yes-No-Yes-No, It's always the same
But I do not give up my humanity!

Rent yourself - Rent your fucking life
But no matter how much you give - There's someone next in line
You call that connection - I call it violence


I've got insatiable passion to cenvenience; suffering from envy is daily to me.Anything I buy is just like a stupefaction; sunny morning but turbulent night.I know that I've got sufficiently everything, but nothing seems to please me.Happiness in my life comes from the fact that somewhere life seems to be even more tragic...

I've got Western Disease - I am emotionally dead
...maybe I should buy a cat...


So much energy used in vain - debating about drugs in the scene

It's not the question, Question Number One
We've got a lot to do, before we are as One

Dividing the scene to old and young, straight and bent...
When does it end?

"United we stand, divided we fall"


My lonely day. Don't spoil my pointless sorrow.
My lonely day. Don't spoil my self-pity by visiting me today. Nevermind, I hate myself again.
My lonely day. What difference does it make?

(for) My Lonely Day

My lonely day. This is whining in vain.
My lonely day. There's 5 000 000 000 people.
My lonely day. And here I sit like an idiot.
My lonely day. Overpopulation but no friends?!?


I'm your little candid-camera, do you wanna laugh?
I know the most secret things that could make you sad
I make someone laugh and let you down
Nothing is too secret to blurt it out...

Selling your emotions and selling your privacy

War, starvation or catastrophies doesn't interest anymore
But how's Ronnie today? OK? for sure?
There's nothing wrong with our emotions, we are so fine
I just can't help loving my mirror while being sucked off by my wife

Selling your emotions - Selling your privacy ...

(c) Manus

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Created by JJu: March 12, 1996        I've got Western Disease - I am emotionally dead ...maybe I should buy a cat

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