JALLA JALLA: Minnesota Plates / Rednecks Lullaby

Rednecks Lullaby


I played guitar
On the sofa in your room
Completely out of tune
It went crash bang boom
Together we composed
Our very first tune
"National Anthem of the moon"
It went crash bang boom

In our double-decker bus with Minnesota plates
We travel around those 10.000 lakes
In our double-decker bus with Minnesota plates
We cross the ocean and tour the States

Later we made a better one
You bought drums, we had such fun
When some good olí friends
Came strumminí along
We spotted our touring wheels at
Honest Joeís wreckyard, he
Insested cash (little bills!)
We paid by fake credit card


We lifted the band
To itís recent reputation
It was by a long-term
Not an overnight sensation
It took a lot of coffee, sugar,
Cream and shout
And just when the day was dawning
The battery went out

Then we recorded
In your living-room
The chandelier dropped and went
Crash bang boom
We were pissed with it, but it
Gained a hit. We were
On the road again
But it sometimes get so boring
Think Iíll buy an ultra-plane

In our double-decker bus with Minnesota plates
Weíre sound asleep. Weíll miss the dates
In our double-decker bus with Minnesota plates
We dive the ocean when the hand-brake fails


In bed laid the redneck
Pillow hard as stone
But still the sleep was deep
A snoriní lullaby

In bed laid the sad girl
Blanketís soft as snow
Wishbone on the table
A lovers lullaby

Thereís an indian giver
Who stole my lovers heart
Hard as a hammer
No will to go on

Dusty road calls again
My only friendís gone
Tree keep on humming
Ravens Lullaby

Somewhere and someplace
We gonna meet again
Gonna oil my rusty axe
A head off lullaby

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Created by JJu: December 27, 1995
Last Updated: January 15, 1996