JALLA JALLA: Love Charging Battery / Aint Got No

Ain't Got No


We donít move
around as a couple
Makes me glad
gives you the trouble
You want it hand in hand
I understand

No power to ring
your alarm clock
Canít even give You
slight electric shock
No shake in the hips
no buzziní fingertips

I want our love
to charge battery
or replace them
y Alkaline power
or AC strength
Itís reached the end
of itís wave length

The weatherís seldom clear now
Jet black clouds
Thunder in the air now
We scream and shout
To shakiní lips
The tear-drop drips

Love you later my accumulator


Ainít got nobody
but my guitar
When I want babies
I can tune my guitar

Ainít got nobody
but my blue jeans
when I want babies
gotta wear my blue jeans

Ainít got nobody
but my sun-glasses
When I want babies
gotta look at the sky

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Created by JJu: December 27, 1995
Last Updated: January 15, 1996