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In July 1976 Sex Pistols were supporting Budgie at the Hastings Pier Pavillion. Marri Elliot was just nineteen and already a singer - she'd put out a pop single on GTO Records. She was immediately converted and decided to form a punk band. Mari became Poly Styrene. The line-up was: Poly Styrene (vocals), Lora Logic (=Susan Whitby, sax), Jak Airport (guitar), Paul Dean (bass), B. P. Hurding (drums).

X-Ray Spex was the first punk band to use a saxophone and it's aggressive shrill dominated their sound. Their look was pure kitch - lots of plastic and lurex in bright colors. They started by playing pub gigs in the King's Road and were featured in a 'youth' programme on weekend TV. Their second gig was at the Roxy and it was recorded for the Live at the Roxy album. First single was classic Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Their next three singles charted and they finished the year with a storming album Germ Free Adolescence. Lora had left to form her own band, Essential Logic, just before the album's release. Lora was replaced by Rudi Thompson. X-Ray Spex played at the Rock Against Racism rally in London on April 30, 1978.

Band broke up in 1979. Poly got religion (Hare Krishnas), but came back later and re-formed X-Ray Spex in 1995.


Oh Bondage Up Yours / I am a Cliche (Virgin VS-189; also as 12" VS-189-12) -77
Identity / Let's Submerge (pink vinyl; EMI INT-563) -78
The Day the World Turned Day-Glo / I Am a Poseur (some with orange vinyl; EMI INT-553) -78
** LP ** Germ Free Adolescents (EMI INS-3023) -78
- re realease on CD with bonus tracks
Germ Free Adolescents / Age (EMI INT-573) -78
Highly Inflammable / Warrior in Woolworhts (some with red vinyl; EMI INT-583) -79
** LP ** Live At The Roxy (Receiver Records) -91
** CD ** Conscious Consumer (Receiver Records) -95

Most important tracks on compilations:

Geef Voor New Wave: Oh Bondage Up Yours (Ariola (Holland)) -77
Roxy London WC2 live': Oh Bondage Up Yours (live) (Harvest) -77
Guillotine: Oh Bondage Up Yours (10"; Virgin VCL-5001) -78
Catch a Wave:Oh Bondage Up Yours ' (10" 2LP; Catch-a-wave Rec. NICE-1) -78
Hope and Anchor Front Row Fesival: Let's Submerge (live) (2LP; Warner Bros WBK-66077) -78
Dead on Arrival: Oh Bondage Up Your (2LP; Virgin VD-5208) -78
RAR's Greatest Hits: Oh Bondage Up Yours (Virgin RAR-1) -80
Fun, Filth and Fury!: I Am a Cliche and Oh Bondage Up Yours! (Caroline CAROL1872-2) -91
DiY 1: Anarchy in the UK - UK Punk I (1976-77): Oh Bondage Up Yours! (Rhino Records R2 71171) -93
DiY 2: The Modern World - UK Punk II (1977-78): The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (Rhino Records R2 71172) -93
Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: Identity ( UK; Virgin VTDCD 42) -95
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96

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