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Maybe there won't be any Tenpole Tudor records unless former actor Eddie Tudor hadn't acted in the Sex Pistols' movie The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle and sang Who Killed Bambi in the movie, but on the other hand Stiff did sign so many other odd-balls that ...
The band was formed as early as 1974. Bands concept was silly image, catchy melodies and loopy singing. The line-up was: Eddie Tudor (vocals) Bob Kingston (guitar), Dick Crippen (bass) and Gary Long (drums). The higesth chart position was 44 (Eddie, Old Bob, Dick And Gary)
When Eddie left the band the band continued as the Tudors. Eddie made one more single to Stiff under name Eddie Tudorpole before starting to sing jazz (!!!) and continuing his acting career.


Real Fun / What's in a World (Krova Records KOW-4) -80
3 Bells in a row // Fashion / Rock and roll music (Stiff Records BUY-98) -80
The swords of a thousand men / Love & food (Stiff Records BUY-109) 03/81
** LP ** Eddie, Old Bob, Dick And Gary (Stiff Records SEEZ-31) 04/81
- later als as CD with 3 bonus tracks (STIFFCD-6)
Wunderbar / Tenpole 45 (Stiff Records BUY-120) 07/81
Throwing the baby out with the bath water / Teh Conga Tribe (Stiff Records BUY-129) 11/81
** LP ** Let The Four Winds Blow (Stiff Records SEEZ-42) -81
- later als as CD with 3 bonus tracks (STIFFCD-12)
Let the four winds blow / Sea of thunder (Stiff Records BUY-137) -82
** CD ** Swords Of A Thousand Men (both LP's + more) (SMDCD-144)

The Tudors
Tied up with Lou Cool / Cry baby cry (Stiff Records BUY-172) -83

Eddie Tudorpole
The hayrick song / Take you to the dance (Stiff Records BUY-177) -83

Most important tracks on compilations:

Wonderful Time Out There: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater (Stiff Records FREEB-3) -81
The Stiff Records Box Set: Three Bells in a Row, Wunderbar, Throwing My Baby Out with the Bathwater (Demon/Rhino R2 71062) -91
Rock & Wave Volume 1: Hits from the Underground: Swords of a Thousand Men (Columbia 472733) -92
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: Swords of a Thousand Men (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96
Once in a Lifetime - 40 Classic New Wave Hits: Swords of a Thousand Men (Telstar TCD2889) -97

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