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In 1979 Mark Sullivan (vocals), Geordie Grindle (guitar), Ian MacKaye (bass), Jeff Nelson (drums) formed a band in Washington D.C. called The Slinkees, which did only play one gig in August 1979, at a party opening for the Zones. In September Mark left the band and when they found a new singer Nathan Strejcek they also changed their name to The Teen Idles. First Teen Idles gig was December and after that they gig regulary in Washington D.C. and did often support Bad Brains.
In summer 1980 they did make recordings and when the band broke up in November 1980 (Geordie was losing interest in the band and that Ian was itching to try his hand at singing) they decided to use the $600 in show earnings to release a record. That was the first release and the beginning of the Dischord Record which still is one of the the most important hardcore label in Washington D.C.
After Teen Idles Ian MacKaye had played in Minor Threat and Fugazi. Jeff Nelson in Minor Threat and High Back Chairs.


Minor Disturbance E.P. (8 tracks) (Dischord #1) 12/80
** CD ** Dischord 100 (unreleased stuff from 1979 amd 1980) (Dischord #100) -96

Most important tracks on compilations:

Flex Your Head Compilation: 3 tracks (Dischord #7)
Dischord 1981: The Year in Seven Inches CD: all Minor Disturbance E.P. tracks (Dischord #14)

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