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Text: Jukka Junttila

Suicide was singer Alan Vega and keyboardist Martin Rev. They was part of New York punk (and pre-punk scene) and in a way pioneers of synth-music although their music was simple, very hypnotic, minimalist, raw and wild. In 1977, Suicide released their debut self-titled album and pioneered a revolution in sound. In 1978, Suicide toured both with the Clash and Elvis Costello, often instigating riots at the shows. After released Alan Vega-Martin Rev album in 1980, Vega and Rev decided to pursue their solo careers. Since then Vega has recorded at least eight solo albums and Martin Rev at least three.
They made a short re-union in 1988 and did record one more album (Way of Life) and after that have every now and then worked together.
Alan Vega has written a book, Cripple Nation which is a collection of written work and song lyrics by him.


** LP ** Suicide (Red Star RS-1; re-release in 1980 now RED-800) -77
- later several re-releases (Bronze, Ze, Restless, Demon, etc. some CD re-releases have '24 Minutes Over Burssells' as bonus)
** LP ** 24 Minutes Over Burssells (Bronz) -78
** LP ** Live [Limited Edition] (Franki) -79
** LP ** Alan Vega - Martin Rev (Ze/Antilles AN-7080 (USA); Ze/ Island ILPS-7007 (UK)) -80
Cheree / I Remember (Red Star RSS-3)
** MC ** Half Alive (half live, half studio out-takes 74-79; ROIR A-103; later as CD by French label Danceteria -90) -81
Dream Baby Dream / Radiation (12" EP Ze/Island (UK) Ze/Celluloid CEL-6590 (France); French release is 33 rpm and UK 45 rpm!) -81
** MC ** Ghost Riders (live; ROIR A-145; later as CD by French label Danceteria -90) -86
** LP ** Way of Life (Wax Tracx! WAX-7072; also as CD WAXCD-7072) -88
** CD ** Why Be Blue (Brake Out) -92
** CD ** Zero Hour (live) (Restless) -97
Spanish label, Munster Records has released a tribute album: Your Invitation To Suicide, A Tribute To The Songs Of Martin Rev, Alan Vega 2LP/CD (Munster, ref. MR 040)

Most important tracks on compilations:

Max's Kansa City 76: Rocket USA (RAM 1213; re-release CBS 82670) -76
Max's Kansas City Presents: New Wave Hits for the 80's: Rocket USA (Max's Kansas City Records MCK-19801) -81
DiY 5: Blank Generation - The New York Scene (1975-78): Cheree (Rhino Records R2 71175) -93

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