The story of The Guildford Stranglers begins as early as 1974 when Hugh Cornwall and Jet Black (aka Brian Duffy) had met Jean-Jacques Burnel - in Guildford if You didn't already guessed that. They played as trio some gigs at local pubs before Hans Warmling joined them. The first line-up was now complete: Hugh (vocals, guitar), Jet Black (drums), JJ Burnel (bass) and Hans (guitar, keyboards). They recorded seven track demo; some of these tracks are available at The Early Years CD.
In early 1975 Hans left the group. The band placed an advertisement in the Melody Maker and found Dave Greenfield as keyboardist. Now the band found their "angry pscyhedelia" sound. Albion Agency interested in The Guildford Stranglers and started booking them. Albion was a big name in the pub rock circuit so soon band was playing in London pub rock venues like the Red Cow, the Nashville and the Hope And Anchor. When starting to play in London they dropped the Guildford part from their name.
In beginning of 1976 they recorded a new demo tape which included the early version of songs Grip, Bitching and Go Buddy Go, but still now response from the record companies. Band played even more gigs - more than 200 in 1976! - and when punk movement start to rise it's head in the summer of 1976 The Strangles where somehow included in that scene, although they were "too old" (20) and they used an "unpunk" instrument, keyboards. In October the Stranglers played as support slot to Patti Smith at the Hammersmith. When major record companies started to sign punk bands the Stranglers were one of the first to get a deal. Andrew Lauder singed them to United Artists in December 1976 and in January band were recording their first single (Get a) Grip (on Yourself).

The story continues ... soon.


(Get a) Grip (on Yourself) / London Lady (united Artists UP-36211) -77
** LP ** IV: Rattus Norvegicus (first pressing with free single 'Choosey Susie / Pleasant in the Big Shitty' (FREE-3) United Artists UAG-30045 (UK); IRS SP-70011 (USA), released as late as -80 ) -77
Peaches / Go Buddy Go (United Artists UP-36248) -77
Peaches / - (one sided promo, "cleaner" version of the song for the radio-DJs; United Artists FREE-4) -77
Something Better Change / Straighten Out (United Artits UP-36277) -77
No More Heroes / In the Shadows (United Artists UP-36300) -77
No More Heroes / - (one sided promoo; United Artists FREE-8) -77
** LP ** No More Heroes (United Artists UAG-30200) -77
Something Better Change /Straighten Out // Get a Grip on Yourself / Hanging Around (7" 33rpm; A&M AM-1973 (USA)) -78
Nice'n'Sleazy / Shut Up (United Artists UP-36379) -78
** LP ** Black And White (first pressing with free single 'Walk on By // Tits / Mean to Me' (FREE-9); United Artists UAG-30222) -78
Total Suitable for Airplay (promo-EP; A&M (USA)) -78
Walk on By // Old Codger / Tank (33 rpm United Artists UP-36429) -78
Walk on By / - (one sided promo; United Artists) -78
Swerige / In the Shadows (A-side sungen in swedish; United Artists UP-36459) -78
Peaches / BUZZCOCKS: Oh Shit! (miss presssing; United Artists) -78
** LP ** Live (X Cert) (United Artists UAG-30224) -79
Choosey Susie / Mean to Me (Flyover KING-17F) -79
Duchess / Fools Rush Out (United Artists BP-308) -79
** LP ** Raven (some with 3D cover; UAG-30262) 79
Duchess / The Raven (IRS IR-9018 (USA)) -79
Nuclear Device (The Wizard of Aus) / Yellowcake UF6 (United Artists BP-318) -79
Do the European / Choosey Susie //White Room / Straighten Out (IRS SP-70952 (USA)) -79
Don't Bring Harry / Wired // Crabs (live) / In the Shadows (live) (EP; United Artists STR-1) -79
Don't Bring Harry / - (one sided promo; United Artists STR-1-DJ) -79
N'emmenes Pas Harry / Bear Cage (A-side sungen in frence; United Artists (Ranska)) -80
Bear Cage / Shah Shah A-Go-Go (also as 12" as extended versions (12BP-344); United Artists BP-344) -80
** LP ** BBC Rock Hour (Live at the NY Ritz) (Radio Series) -80
Who Wants the World / The Meninblack (United Artists BPX-355) -80
Tomorrow was the Hereafter / Bring on the Nubiles (Fan Club release, recorded in 1976 (!); Strangler Information Service SIS-001) -80
Thrown Away / Top Secret (Liberty BP-383) -81
** LP ** The Gospel According to the Men in Black (EMI; A testpressing of The Meninblackin, early mixes, never released) -81
** LP ** The Meninblack (Liberty LBG-30313) -81
Just Like Nothing on Earth / Maninwhite (Liberty BP-393) -81
Let Me Introduce You to the Family / Vietnamerica (Liberty BP-405) -81
** LP ** La Folie (Liberty LBG-30342) -81
Golden Brown / Love 30 (Liberty BP-407) -82
La Folie / Waltzinblack (Liberty BP-410) -82
Strange Little Girl / Cruel Garden (Liberty BP-412) -82
** LP ** The Collection 1977-82 (Liberty LBG-30353) -82
European Female / European Female (promo; Epic EPCA-2893-DJ) -82
European Female / Savage Breast (Epic EPCA-2893; also as picture disc EPCA-112893) -82
** LP ** Feline (first presssing with one sided single 'Aural Sculpture (Epic XPS-167)'; Epic EPC-25237) -83
Midnight Summer Dream / Vladimir and Olga (Epic EPCA-3167; also as 12" with extended versio of the A-side EPCA-133167) -83
Midnight Summer Dream / - (one sided 12" promo; Epic) -83
Paradise / Pawsher (Epic A-3387; also as 12" with 'Permission' TA-3387) -83
Paradise / - (one sided 12" promo; Epic) -83
Golden Brown / Strange Little Girl (EMI Golden 45s G45-6) -84
Skin Deep / Here and There (Epic A-4738 also as 12" with bonuses 'Skin Deep (extended version)' and 'Vladimir and the Beast, part III' TA-4738) -84
No Mercy / In One Door (Epic A-4921; also as picture disc WA-4921; also as 12" with bonuses 'No Mercy (exteded version) and 'Hot Club' TA-4921) 84
No Mercy / In One Door // Hot Club (riot mix) / Head on the Line (EP; Epic GA-4921) -84
** LP ** Aural Sculpture (Epic EPC-26220; 'Aural Quest') -84
Let Me Down Easy / Achilles Heel (Epic A-6045; also as 12 with 'Place Des Victoires' TA-6045) -85
Let Me Down Easy (extended) / Achilles Heel / Places Des Vicoires // Vladimir Goes to Havana / Aural Sculpture Manifesto (mini-LP; Epic QTA-6045) -85
Nice in Nice /Since You Went Away (Epic 650055-7; also as 12" with two live tracks 650055-6; also as shaped picture disc) -86
** LP ** Off the Beaten Track (compilation; Liberty LBG-5001) -86
Allways the Sun / Normal Normal (Epic SOLAR-1; also as 12" SOLART-1) -86
** LP ** Dreamtime (Epic EPC-26648) -86
Big in America / Dry Day (Epic HUGE-1; also as 12" HUGET-1) -86
Shakin' Like a Leaf / Hit Man (Epic SHEIK-1; also as 12" with 'Was It You' SHEIKT-1; also as shaped picture disc) -87
Interview with the Stranglers (no music) (interview; Baktabak BAK-2033) -87
N'emmenes Das Harry / Bear Cage (12"; New Rose HARRY-1) -87
Go Buddy Go // Wildkat Ways / You Crack Me Up (Anagram ANA-35; also as 12" 12-ANA-35) -87
All Day and All of the Night / Viva Vlad! (Epic VICE-1; also as 12" with 'Who Wnats the World (live)' VICET-1) -88
All Day and All of the Night / Viva Vlad! / Who Wants the World (live) / Strange Little Girl (live) (CD-single; Epic CDVICE-1) -88
** LP ** All Live and All of the Night (Epic EPC-460259) -88
** LP ** 10 (Epic, 466483 2) -90
** CD ** Stranglers in the Night (Psycho, WOLCD-1030 (UK); VIC8007-2 (USA)) -92
** CD ** The Early Years (74-75-76 Rare live & unreleased) (Castle CLACD-401) -94
** CD ** About Time (When!, WEN-CD-001) -95
** CD ** Nighttracks (1982) (CD-EP; Strange Fruit SFNT-CD-020)
** CD ** Written in Red (When! WEN-CD-009) -97


London Ladies (live London Roundhouse november -77) -78
The Taming of the Hugh vol. One (live Pole Arts Center (Australia) 20.1.83) -83
Poole Dorst 30.1.83
Let Us Introduce You to the Stranglers (live Birmingham 3/2/83) -83
Live in Milan 10/10/1983
A Night in London
The Request Show (live 1977-83)

Releated stuff:

CELIA AND THE MUTATIONS: Mony Mony / Mean to Me (United Artists UP-36262) -77
CELIA AND THE FABULOUS MUTATIONS: You Better Believe Me / 'Round and Around (United Artists UP-36318) -77
(both: Celia Gollin (vocals), band the Stranglers)

JJ BURNELL: Freddie Laker (Concorde and Eurobus) / Ozymandias (United Artists UP-36500) -79
JJ BURNELL: ** LP ** Euroman Cometh (Untied Artists UAG-30214) -79
JJ BURNELL: Girl from the Snow Country // Ode to Joy / Do the European -80
DAVE GREENFIELD & JJ BURNELL: ** LP ** Fire and Water (Epic EPC-25707) -83
DAVE GREENFIEL & JJ BURNELL: Rain & Dole & Tea / Consequences (Epic EPC-A-4076) -84
HUGH CORNWELL & ROBERT WILLIAMS: ** LP ** Nosferatu (United Artists UAG-30251) -79
HUGH CORNWELL & ROBERT WILLIAMS: White Room / Losers in a Lost Land (United Artists BP-320) -79
HUGH CORNWELL: One in a Million / Siren Song (Portrait PRT-A-6509; also as 12" PRT-TX-6509) -85
HUGH CORNWELL: Facts + Figures / Facts + Figures (instrum.) (Virgin VS-922; als as 12" VS-92212) -87

Most important tracks on compilations:

Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival: Straighten Out (live) and Hanging Around (live) (Warner Bors K-66077) -78
No Wave: Bring on the Nubiles and Nice 'n' Sleazy (A&M SP-4738; some with blue vinyl) -78
A&M Foreplay No.36: The Raven and Who Wants the World (promo; A&M SP-17124) -80
IRS Greatest Hits vol. 1: The Raven and Vietnamerica (IRS SP-70950) -80
We Do 'em Our Way: Walk on By (Music for Pleasure MFP-50481) -80
Street Level: No More Heroes (Ronco RTL-2048) -80
IRS Greatest Hits vol. 2&3': Straighten Out (2LP; IRS SP-70800) -81
Life in the European Theater: Nuclear Device (WEA K-58412) -84
A Kick Up the Eighties Volume 6: Souvenir: Skin Deep (Old Gold OG 3525) -91
Three Minute Heroes: 20 of the Finest Punk & New Wave Singles: Peaches (Virgin VTCD9) -92
Rock & Wave Volume 1: Hits from the Underground: Always the Sun and Skin Deep (Columbia 472733) -92
A Kick Up the Eighties Volume 10: Perfect: European Female (Old Gold OG 3529) -93
DiY 1: Anarchy in the UK - UK Punk I (1976-77): (Get a) Grip (On Yourself) and No More Heroes (Rhino Records R2 71171) -93
Living in Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits Volume 1: (Get a) Grip (On Yourself) (EMI E2 81417) -93
London on the Line: 20 Punk and New Wave Greats: Golden Brown (Columbia 477129 2) -94
START: The Best of British: Golden Brown (Dino Entertainment Ltd. DINCD 92) -94
Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: (Get a) Grip (On Yourself) and Peaches ( UK; Virgin VTDCD 42) -95
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: Hanging Around (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: Something Better Change (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96

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