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Two Scottish boys Richard Jobson and Bill Simpson had a Bowie cover band called Tattoo just before the punk arrived to Scotland. And soon after that - in fact in summer 1977 - they formed a quartet called the Skids in their home town Dunfermlin. The line-up for this band with raw-edged sound become: Richard Jobson (vocals, guitar), Stuart Adamson (guitar , vocals), Bill Simpson (bass), Alastair Moore (keyboards) and Tom Kellichan (drums).
In February 24th 1978 the Skids did take part to Stiff/Chiswick challenge in Edinburg, and two months later they did put out a D.I.Y. EP which was distributed by Virgin. Soon (May 1978) Virgin signed the band. The third Virgin single Into the valley was a TOP10 hit and everything seemed perfect, but Ö Stuart Adamson didnít like the hype which was around the band in summer 1979 he said first time that he will leave the band, but it did take nearly two years before he did that. Before Stuart Tom Kellichan left the Skids, he later played in Secrets. Rusty Egan (ex- Rich Kids, later Visage) joined temporarily before Mike Baillie did pick up the sticks.
After that bands style changed to a more art-rock sound. Early 1980 it was Simpsons time to leave the band and replacement was Russell Webb. As was said in 1981 Adamson left the band and formed Big Country. Now the line-up was for some time Richard Jobson (vocals, guitar), Russell Webb (bass, guitar, keybords, vocals), JJ Johnson (drums) and Paul Wishart (sax) before only Richard Jobson and Russell Webb were in the band - and in early 1982 it was end of the Skids. Richard Jobson and Russell Webb both played in The Armoury Show after that. The Armoury Show made one LP Waiting for the Floods in 1984.


Reasons / Test Tube Babies / Charles (also known as Charles EP; Not Bad NB-1) 4/78
Sweet suburbia / Open Sound (Virgin VS-227) 9/78
** LP ** Skids (Virgin V-2116) 10/78
The Saints are coming / Of One Skin / Night and Day / Contusion (also known as Wide Open EP; Virgin VS-232) 11/78
Into the Valley / T.V. Stars (Virgin VS-241) 2/79
** LP ** Scared to dance (Virgin V-2116) 3/79
- later also as CD with bonus tracks from singles VS227, VS241, VS232, N.B.1. (Virgin CDV-2116) -90
Masquerade / Out of Town (Virgin VS-262; also as double singe with Another Emotion / Aftermath Dub) 5/79
Charade / Grey Paradise (Virgin VS-288) 9/79
** LP ** Days in Europe (Virgin V-2138) 10/79
Working for the Yankee Dollar / All the Young Dudes // Theme from a Haunted Ballroom / Vanguards Crusade (Virgin VS-306) 12/79
Animation / Pros and Cons (Virgin VS-323) 3/80
Circus Games / One Decree (Virgin VS-359) 8/80
** LP ** Absolute game (Virgin V-2174) 9/80
Goodbye Civilian / Monkey McGuire Meets Specky Potter Behind Lochore Institute (Virgin VS-373) 10/80
Woman in Winter / Working for the Yankee Dollar (Virgin VSK-101) 12/80
Fields / Brave man (Virgin VS-401; also as 12" VS-40112) 8/81
Iona / Blood and Soil (Virgin VS-449) 10/81
** LP ** Joy (Virgin V-2217) 11/81
** LP ** Fanfare (VM-2) 5/82
** CD ** Dunfermline (Virgin COMCD-10) -87
** CD ** BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (Windsong WINCD 008) -91
Skids Vs Ruts (7"?; Virgin VS-1411) 3/92
** CD ** Sweet suburbia (best of; Virgin CDOVD-457) 2/95

Most important tracks on compilations:

Unauthorised Virgin bootleg: Animation (Virgin VB-1) -81
Cash Cows: Arena (Virgin MILK-1) 11/80
Rock 80's: Working for the Yankee Dollar (Virgin/Polygram 2473759 (Greece)) -80
Fun, Filth and Fury!: Into the Valley (Caroline CAROL1872-2) -91
Fun, Filth and Fury!: The Saints Are Coming (Caroline CAROL1872-2) -91
A Kick Up the Eighties Volume 5: Since Yesterday: Charade (Old Gold OG 3524) -91
Three Minute Heroes: 20 of the Finest Punk & New Wave Singles: Into the Valley (Virgin VTCD9) -92
DiY 3: Teenage Kicks - UK Pop I (1976-79): Into the Valley (Rhino Records R2 71173) -93
Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: Into the Valley ( UK; Virgin VTDCD 42) -95
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: Into the Valley (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96

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