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The Saints were formed in Brisbane, Australia, in spring 1976 when Kid Galahad & the Eternals broke up. Ex- KG&tE were Ivor Hay (drums), Ed Kuepper (guitar) and Chris Bailey (vocals, guitar), and when Kym Brandshaw (bass) join in the Saints were born. First single (I'm) Stranded was made as early as October 1976 - which is for example earlier than The Damneds New Rose (which is said to be the first punk single in UK). The Ramones had made their first LP in USA and the story tells that when the Saints here the Ramones LP they said: "They have stolen our sound!"
Soon after the single EMI was willing to release band demo as LP I'm Stranded, which is a classic record with buzzsaw guitars, Bailey's pissed-off, nasal vocals, and locomotive rhythms. With big hopes band travels to UK, but by this time the punk-wave had wiped over the UK and The Saints just isn't enough punk to trendy Brits. After This Perfect Day single Brandshaw left the band - he played later in The King and Lurkers. In came Algy Ward and in 1978 band recorded two good, but poorly selling albums. Bitter band broke up: Algy Ward joined The Doomed/Damnediin and later The Tank, Kuepper formed The Laughing Clowns and a little bit later started solo-career. Ivor Hay played in Hitmen and Chris Bailey returned to Australia where he formed new Saints in 1980.
The Saints were now Bailey, Chris Barrington (guitar), Mark Birmingham (drums) and Janine Hall (bass; ex-Wolfgang). Band had grown up from punk and there are horns and violin in the records. After The Monkey Puzzle the line-up became unstable. For a while Ian Shedden and Brian James played with Bailey and Janine, and the Saints had even an year off when Bailey mad solo records. It was 1985 when there was one a little bit permanent line-up: Ivor Hay (drums; same man as in the first Saints), Richard Burgman (guitar; ex- Sunnyboys) and Archie Larizza (bass). With this line-up band recorded one LP and after that there has been a silent period.


I'm Stranded / No Time (Fatal MA-7186 (Australia); Power Exchange PX-242 (UK); Sire 1005) (USA)) -76
** LP ** (I'm) Stranded (EMI Harvest SHSP-4065 (UK); Sire SRK-6039 (USA)) -77
(I'm) Stranded / No Time // B-side Stanley Frank (promo-EP; Power Exchange (UK)) - 77
Erotic Neurotic / One Way Street (EMI Harvest SHAR-5123 (UK)) -77
This Perfect Day / L-I-E-S (EMI Harvest SHAR-5130; also as 12"with bonus track 'Do the Robot' HAR-5130 (UK)) -77
1-2-3-4 ! (EP; inc.: Lipstick on Your Collar / One Way Street //River Deep Mountain High / Demolition Girl; EMI Harvest SHAR-5137 (UK)) -77
Lipstick on your Collar / River Deep Mountain High (EMI 1C 006-82416 (UK)) -77
Know Your Product / Run Down (EMI Harvest 11673 (UK)) -78
** LP ** Eternally Yours (EMI Harvest SHSP-4087 (UK); Sire SRK-6055 (USA)) -78
Security / All Times Through Paradise (EMI Harvest SHAR-5166 (UK)) -78
** LP ** Prehistoric Sounds (EMI Harvest SHSP-4094 (UK)) -78
Paralytic Tonight, Dublin tomorrow (EP; sis.: Simple Love / (Don't Send Me) Roses / Miss Wonderful // On the Waterfront / Call It Mine; New Rose NEW-1 (France); Lost PRS-2773 (Australia), without 'Miss Wonderful') -80
Always / In the Mirror (New Rose NEW-3 (France); Larrikin RISS-003 (Australia)) -80
** LP ** The Monkey Puzzle (New Rose ROSE-1 France); Lost YPRX-1806 (Australia); New Rose first pressing with free live single 'I'm Stranded // Security / This Perfect Day' FREE-1) -81
Let's Pretend / Gypsy Woman (Lost Rec 13093 (Australia)) -81
Follow the Leader / Animal (Flicknife FLS-215) -82
** LP ** Out in the Jungle ... where things ain't so Pleasant (New Rose ROSE-11 (France); also Flicknife SHARP-106) -82
Ghost Ships / Wrapped Up and Blue (New Rose NEW-37 (France)) -84
** LP ** A Little Madness to Be Free (New Rose ROSE-38 (France); RCA (USA) excluding 'Heavy Metal', including 'Wrapped Up and Blue') -84
Imagination / The Prisoner (live) (New Rose NEW-43 (France)) -84
Ghost Ships / Wrapped Up and Blue // Angels / Roses (12" EP; New Rose (France)) -84
** LP ** Live in Mud Hut ... Somewhere in Europe (New Rose ROSE-55 (France) -85
Just Like Fire Would / Storm (Mushroom (Australia)) -86
** LP ** All Fools Day (Mushroom L-38522 (Australia); Polydor POLD-5203 (UK)) -86
(You Can't Tamper with) the Temple of the Lord / East is East (Mushroom K-21 (Australia)) -86
See You in Pardise / Casablanca (Mushroom (Australia)) -86
** LP ** Best of the Saints (Razor RAZ-21 (UK)) -86
** CD ** Cheap Erotica CD Single/EP
** CD ** I Thought This Was Love, But This Ain't Casablanca
** CD ** Permanent Revolution
** CD ** Scarce
** CD ** The New Rose Years
** CD ** Howling (Blue Rose CD 029 & Triple X 51245) -97

Most important tracks on compilations:

Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival: Demoliton Girl (live) (Warner Bros K-66077 (UK)) -78
Meet the New Punk Wave: I'm Stranded (EMI/Bovema 5C050.25896 (Holland)) -78
DiY 1: Anarchy in the UK - UK Punk I (1976-77): (I'm) Stranded (Rhino Records R2 71171) -93

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