PUNKNET 77 - Riff Raff


Billy Bragg's first punk band which was form in 1977. Band lasted uptil 1980, but went through various line-up changes. Members who played in the band where : Billy Bragg (vocal, guitar), Wiggy (guitar), Mark Henry Earwood (piano), Oscar Alexander O'Lochlainn Junior (drums), S.D.R. Gol'fish (vocal, keyboards), John Waugh (bass), Ruan (bass), Robert Handley (vocal, drums)


I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut EP (inc.: I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut / Romford Girls // What's The Latest? / Sweet As Pie (Chiswick Records SW-34) 7/78
Every Girl (Bragg) / You Shaped House (Geezer Records GZ1) -80
Kitten / Fantocide (Geezer Records GZ2) -80
Little Girls Know / She Don't Matter (Geezer Records GZ3) -80
New Home Town / Richard (Geezer Records GZ4) -80

Most important tracks on compilations:

The Chiswick Story: I Want To Be A Cosmonaut (Chiswick)
Punk: The Early Years: I Want To Be A Cosmonaut
Punk: Lost and Found: I Want To Be A Cosmonaut (Shanachie 5705) -96

Riff Raff links:

Riff Raff - Riff Raff, Internationale, non-album tracks
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