PUNKNET 77 - Radiators From Space


First wave Punks from Irland, Dublin. The original line-up was: Philip Chevron (guitar, vocals), James Crash (drums, vocals), Peter Holidai (guitar, vocals), Mark Megaray (bass, keyboards, vocals), Steve Rapid (vocals). When Chiswick Records released their first album TV Tube Heart the band moved to London, but band didn't quit fit in the London punk scene, Chevron: "We found that our intentions were often misunder-stood. While we shared many of the characteristics of the UK punk bands - the energy and the attitudes - we had nothing to say about tower-blocks or anarchy. Our best songs came from our experience of growing up in an Ireland still paralysed by political and religious hypocrisies but which, we believed, was in its heart youthful and forward-thinking. We were the first Irish band to grapple with these contradictions but first and foremost we were a pop group and we could readily identify with the UK's 'No Fun' slogan."
At some point Steve Rapid left the band and they changed their name to a short form, The Radiators. In 1980 Radiators dispanded and founder member Phil Chevron went on to fame with The Pogues, in which he played guitar and did write some fine songs for them.


Television Screen / Love Detective (Chiswick NS-10) 4/77
Enemies / Psychotic Reactions (Chiswick NS-19) 11/77
** LP ** TV Tube Heart (Chiswick WIK-4) -77
Million Dollar Hero / Blitziní at the Ritz (Chiswick NS-29 & CHIS-106) 5/78
Letís Talk about Weather / Hucklebuck / Try & Stop Me (Chiswick NS-45 & CHIS-113) 5/79
** LP ** Ghostown (Chiswick CWK-3003) -79
Kitty Ricketts / Ballad of the Faithful Desparted (Chiswick CHIS-115) 7/79
Four on the Floor EP (inc: Enemies / Tenager in Love / Television Screen / Psychotic Reactions (Big Beat SW-57)) 3/80
Stranger Than Fiction / Prison Bars / Who are the Strangers (Chiswick CHIS-126) 7/80
Dancing Years / Dancing Years (inst) (Chiswick CHIS-133) -80
Under Clery's Clock / ??? (Chiswick NS-128) -89
** CD ** Cockles And Mussels - The Very Best Of (Chiswick Records CDWIKD-156) -95
** CD ** Alive-Alive-O! (Chiswick Records CDWIKD-164) -96

Most important tracks on compilations:

Long Shots, Dead Certs & Odds on Favorites, Chiswich Chartbusters vol 2: Television Screen (Chiswick CH-5) -77
Geef Voor New Wave: Television Screen (Ariola 25541-ET (Holland)) -77
Catch a Wave: Television Screen (Catch a Wave Records NICE-1) -78
DiY 4: Starry Eyes - UK Pop II (1978-79): Let's Talk About the Weather (Rhino Records R2 71174) -93
PUNK Lost and Found: Television Screen (Shanachie 5705) -96

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