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Minor Threat was fromed in fall 1980 in Wasington D.C. The original line-up was: Ian MacKaye (vocals), Lyle Preslar (guitar), Brian Baker (bass) and Jeff Nelson (drums). After the first EP, in the end of 1981, Steve Hansgen joined Minor Threat to play bass and Brian Baker switched to playing guitar.
Althoug Minor Threat didn't make many records, it's importance was significant: Minor Threat was one of the first HC band in Washington D.C. and in a way they were prime movers for the Straight Edge movement. Minor Threat was also well know of Ian's straight and often political lyrics.
Minor Threat disband in fall 1983. After that Ian MacKaye had played in Fugazi, Brian Baker in Dag Nasty and Jeff Nelson in High Back Chairs.


Minor Threat EP (Dischord #3) 06/81
In my Eyes EP (Dischord #5) 12/81
Out of Step EP (Dischord #10) -83
First two 7"s (12"; Dischord #12)
Salad Days EP (Dischord #15) -85
** CD ** Complete Discography (compilation; Dischord #40)

Most important tracks on compilations:

Flex Your Head: Stand up and 12XU (Dischord #7)

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