PUNKNET 77 - Maniacs


Only one real single, two tracks on a live compilation and a posthumous mini-LP, not much but pure '77! After Rings disbanded (in fact other members kick John 'Twink' Alder out of the band) Alan Lee Shaw (guitar, vocals), Rod Latter (drums) ja Robert Crash (bass) formed Maniacs. As siad band made only one single which was produced by Dave Goodman (among other things The Sex Pistols sound man). After break up Latter played in the Adverts, Shaw went to Brains (lead by Brian James ex- Damned) and Crash later produced Eurythmics.


Chealsea '77 / Ain't No Legend (United Artists UP-36327) -77
** mini-LP ** Ain't No Legend (compilation, single + Vortex live tracks + demoja; Released Emotions REM-006) -90
** LP ** So Far So Loud So What (all tracks from 1977, demos, lives, etc.)

Most important tracks on compilations:

Live at the Vortex Vol. 1: You don't Break my Heart and Ain't gonna be History (NEMS NEL-6013) -77

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