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Howard Devoto announced his 'retirement' from the Buzzcocks, just as the legendary Spiral Scratch EP was released, at the start of 1977. But it didn't took long before he was forming new group, Magazine with John McGeogh (guitar), Barry Adamson (bass), Bob Dickinson (keyboards) and Martin Jackson (drums). Bob Dickinson was soon replaced by Dave Formula. It was really easy to get a record deal with a demo containing songs like Shot By Both Sides and The Light Pours Out Of Me. Shot By Both Sides was picked up to first single and it was high praised; for example Rolling Stone described it as 'the best rock 'n' roll record of 1978, punk or otherwise'.
Their first album, Real Life, also released in 1978, continued the confrontational, arty pop-punk of Shot by Both Sides, and it landed into the U K Top 10. Following their first tour, Jackson left the group and was replaced by John Doyle. The new line-up recorded the band's second album, Secondhand Daylight (1979). The next year came The Correct Use of Soap. After that Magazine toured the world that year... Britain, the U.S., Europe, New Zealand and Australia ... were they lost John McGeogh (to Siouxsie & The Banshees). They temporarily replaced him with ex-Ultravox man Robin Simon. Ben Mandelson joined the band on guitar for the fourth album, Magic, Murder And The Weather. Three weeks before its release, however, for the second time in his short-lived career, Howard Devoto quit. About quitting he had said: "The timing of my decision might seem odd, what with the new album just coming out, but I feel that a change for me has been long overdue. I could've held off for another six months but I didn't want to tour to promote the album."


Shot by the Both Sides / My Mind Ain't so Open (Virgin VS-200) 02/78 (number 41 on Brittish singles chart)
Touch & Go / Goldfinger (Virgin VS-207) 04/78
** LP ** Real Life (Virgin V-2100) 06/78
Give Me Everything / I Love You Big Dummy (Virgin VS-237) 10/78
The Lights Pours out of Me / Cut-Out Shape (12" promo; Virgin VIDJI) -78
Rhytm of Cruelty / TV Baby (Virgin VS-251) 02/79
** LP ** Seconhand Daylight (Virgin V-2121) 03/79
A Song from under the Floorboards / Twenty Years Ago (Virgin VS-321) 02/80
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) / The Book (Virgin VS-328) 03/80
** LP ** The Correct Use of Soap (Virgin V-2156) 05/80
Upside Down / The Light Pours Our of Me (live) (Virgin VS-334) 05/80
Sweetheart Contract / Feed the Enymy (live) (Virgin VS-368) 07/80 (number 54 on Brittish singles chart)
Sweetheart Contract / Feed the Enymy (live) // Twenty Years Ago (live) Shot by the Both Sides (live) (double-single Virgin VS-368; also as one 12" maxi VS-368-12) 08/80
** LP ** Play (live) (Virgin V-2184), IRS SP-70015 (USA)) 12/80
About the Weather / In the Dark (Virgin VS-412; also as 12" maxi with bonut track The Operative VS-41212, IRS SP-70404 (USA)) 05/81
** LP ** Magic, Murder and the Wather (V-2200, IRS SP-70020 (USA)) 06/81
- later also on CD (CDV-2200)
** CD ** Rays And Hail 1978-81 (best of; Virgin CDVM-9020) -93
** CD ** Windsong - Live in Concert (1978) (Windsong WIN-CD-040)

Most important tracks on compilations:

Virginity: Believe That I Understrand and Shot by Both Sides (2LP Virgin VPR-1)
Rock 80's: Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (Virgin/Polygram 2473759 (Greece) -80
Unauthorized Virgin Bootleg: A Song from under the Floorboards (Virgin VB-1) -81
Rock 80's vol 2: A Song from under the Floorboards (Virgin/Polygram 2473815 (Greece) -81
Foreplay no 42: A Song from under the Floorboards (promo; A&M SP-17150 (USA)) 04/81
URGH! A Music War: Model Worker (2LP; A&M SP-6019) 05/81
Methods of Dance: The Great Manš's Secret (Virgin OVED-5) 11/81
Rock 80's vol 3: About the Weather (Virgin/Polygram 2473822 (Greece) -81
Fun, Filth and Fury!: Shot By Both Sides and Goldfinger (Caroline CAROL1872-2) -91
Three Minute Heroes: 20 of the Finest Punk & New Wave Singles: Shot By Both Sides (Virgin VTCD9) -92
DiY 2: The Modern World - UK Punk II (1977-78): Shot By Both Sides (Rhino Records R2 71172) -93
Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80's Volume 4: About the Weather (Rhino Records R2 71697) -94
Don't Care: New Wave Hits: About the Weather (Cema Special Markets/EMI S21-18274) -95
Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: Shot By Both Sides ( UK; Virgin VTDCD 42) -95
Totally Wired: The Light Pours Out of Me (Razor & Tie RE 2076) -95
New Wave Club Class-X: The Best Of Vol. 2: Shot By Both Sides (Original Single Version) (Antler Subway AS 5140)
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: Shot by Both Sides (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96


Back to Nature (live in Boston '79; Centrifugal 12CENT-10C)

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