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30-Mar Lene Lovich 1954 Really strange bird! Born of Yugoslavian father and British mother, she spent much of her childhood in Detroit, MI. At age 13, she moved to Hull, England, with her mother. She ran away to London shortly thereafter, where she worked several odd jobs ranging from bingo caller to go-go dancer to street busker. Around this time, she developed an interest in art and theater, enrolling at the Central School of Art.
In 1978, Stiff Records signed her after hearing her first recording, a remake of I Think We're Alone Now. The B-side of the I Think We're Alone Now was fabulous Lucky Number which Stiff soon released again, this time as an A-side and this was Lenes first hit, followed by Say When and New Toy.
After solo career Lene has singed with Nina Hagen and worked as an actress.


I Think We're Alone Now / Lucky Number (Stiff BUY-32) -78
I Think We're Alone Now / I Think We're Alone Now (Japanese Version) (promo; Stiff BUY-J32) -78
Lucky Number / Home (original mix) (Stiff BUY-42) -78
Lucky Number / Lucky Number (Slavic Dance Version) (promo; Epic 9-50725 USA) -79
** LP ** Stateless (Stiff SEEZ-7; USA Epic PE 36102; later also as CD) 10/78
** LP ** Flex (Stiff SEEZ-19; USA Epic/CBS JE 36308; later also as CD) 04/79
Say When / One Lonely Heart (Stiff BUY-42; also as 12" with bonus track Big Bird 12-BUY-46) 05/79
Bird Song / Trixi (Stiff BUY-53; also as 12" with bonus track Too Tender (To Touch) 12-BUY-53) 10/79
Angels / The Fly (Stiff BUY-63; also as 12" with bonus track The Fall BUY-IT-63) -79
2 Live + 2 + 2 Doublepack single includes bonus live EP (Stiff BUY-69) -79
- single: What Will I Do Without You (single version) / Joan
- live-EP: Monkey Talk / The Night // Too Tender (To Touch) / You Can't Kill Me
1980 Global Assault ep (10" live promo; USA Epic AS 769) -80
** LP ** Lene Lovich Interview (interview promo; Canada Epic CDN 26) -80
The Night / The Night (promo; USA Epic ZSS 167189) -80
** LP ** BBC College Concert (BBC transcription disc; radio show) -80
New Toy / Cats Away (Stiff BUY-97; also as 12" with bonus track New Toy (Extended version BUY-IT-97) 03/81
New Toy EP (6 track 12"; USA Epic/CBS 5E 37452) -81
Lucky Number / New Toy (Stiff BUY-149) 05/82
** LP ** No Man's Land (Stiff SEEZ-44; USA Epic ARE 38399; later also as CD) 10/82
It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) / Blue (Stiff BUY-164) 11/82
It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) (extended dance mix) / It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) (Version) (12"; USA Epic 49-03342) -82
Blue Hotel (album version) / Blue Hotel (Dance Mix) (12"; USA Epic 49-03799) -82
** LP ** Hotel Blue (collection; Italy RCA SYZ-2000) -82
Wonderland (four mixes; 12"; USA Pathfinder PTF 8909-0; also as CD-single PACD 9.00870 E) -89
** LP ** March (USA Pathfinder PTF 8909; also as CD with bonus tracks PTF 8909-2) -89
** CD ** The Stiff Years Volume 1 (collection Great Expectations PIPCD-007) -90
** CD ** The Stiff Years Volume 2 (collection Great Expectations PIPCD-008) -90
** CD ** Stateless Plus (USA Rhino R2 70520) 09/91
** CD ** Flex Plus (USA Rhino R2 70521) 09/91
** BOX ** The Stiff Years (includes Stateless (STIFFCD-20), Flex (STIFFCD-21), No Man's Land (STIFFCD-22), each with bonus tracks; Holland Disky HRCD-8035) -93
** CD ** Best Of Lene Lovich (Repertoire Records REP-4614-WG) 05/97

Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich

Don't Kill the Animals (three versions; 12"; Germany Arista RIST-2) -87

Most important tracks on compilations:

The Last Stiff Compilation Album: I Think We're Alone Now (Japanese Version) (Stiff USE-3) -80
Back To School: New Toy and Never Never Land (EP version) (promo; USA Epic AS-1279 -81
Cha Cha - soundtrack: I Love You Like I Love Myself and Home () -82
New Wave Hits Vol. 3: New Toy (Rhino 72492)
Dumb And Dumber: Get Down, Get Dumb: Lucky Number (Rhino 72258)
Animal Liberation: Supernature (and with Nina Hagen: Don't Kill the Animals) (USA Wax Trax WAXCD 025) -87
Adventures in Music 3: Life (USA Buys Inc. AIM-003) -90
The Indie Scene 79: Lucky Number (Connoiseur Collection IBM-CD-79) -92
Rock & Wave Volume 1: Hits from the Underground: Lucky Number (Columbia 472733) -92
The Stiff Records Box Set: I Think We're Alone Now and Lucky Number (Rhino R2 71062) -92
Sedated In The Eighties: Lucky Number (USA The Right Stuff T2-27764) -93
Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80's Volume 3: New Toy (Rhino Records R2 71696) -94
London on the Line: 20 Punk and New Wave Greats: Lucky Number (Columbia 477129 2) -94

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