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Ellen Foley doesn't have much to do with punk, but still something: She was Mick Jones's (the Clash) girlfriend in the beginning of 1980's and her second album Spirit of St. Louis on that time has much to do with the Clash. Half of the songs (6) are written by Strummer & Jones, Topper Headon plays drums, Mick Jones plays guitar and on some tracks Paul Simonon plays bass and Joe Strummer second guitar. That's maybe everything You need know about Ellen.


We Belong To The Night / Young Lust (Epic EPC 7847) -79
What's the Matter Baby / Hideaway (Epic EPC-7999) -79
**LP** Night Out (Epic 83718) -79
Stupid Girl / Young Lust (Epic EPC-8122) -80
Sad Song/Don't Let Go (Epic EPC-8561) -80
The Shuttered Palace / Beautiful Waste Of Time (Epic EPC-9522) -81
Torchlight / Game of Men (Epic EPCA-1160) -81
**LP** Spirit of St. Louis (Epic EPC-84809) -81
Johnny & Mary / Beat of a Broken Heart (Epic EPCA-3236) -83
**LP** Another Breath (Epic EPC-25258) -83
Nightline / Beat Of A Broken Heart (Epic) -83
** CD ** The Very Best of Ellen Foley (Columbia 471842 2) -92

Most important tracks on compilations:

HAIR Original Movie Soundtrack: Black Boys (RCA CBL2-3274) -79
Rock 80: Stupid Girl (CBS CBS-84172) -80
HitStory of the 70's: We Belong to the Night (Arrival AN-8251) -84

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