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Fear was a nihilistic punk rock from Los Angeles. It was elad by singer Lee Ving (also guitar). Other original member were: Philo Cramer (guitar) and Spit Stix (drums). There were several bassist (about 5 until 1993). 1977 - 1982 they played various Los Angels Clubs including the Troubador. 1980 appear in the film Decline of Western Civilization.
Fear made the headline when their friend John Belushi convinced Saturday Night Live to have Fear as the musical guest for their Halloween show. Several dozen skinheads, avid and sometimes violent punk fans, were invited to slam dance on stage during the songs. Things got way out of hand, and a small camera was knocked over. Though the microphones on the dance floor had been shut off, one skinhead yelled, 'fuck you, New York!' It didn't go out over the air, but the incident hurt Fear's chance of other TV appearances. Some of the skinheads were bleeding as they walked off the stage. After this episode band did take a long brake and Ving did start an acting career.
In 1985 Fear released More Beer, but that was all. After ten years' absence, Fear made it's comeback and recorded Have Another Beer With Fear CD which was a raw, aggressive punk album.
After the end of that '93 tour Philo quit and Spit followed.


I Love Livin' in the City (NON-LP VERSION) / Now You're Dead (Musta Been >Something You Said) (Criminal) -78
** LP ** Slash (Slash SR-111; later also as CD Slash 2-23933) 02/82
Fuck Christmas / same (Slash) -82
** LP ** More Beer (Enigma 72039-1; later as CD Restless Records 72039) -85
** CD ** Live... For The Record (Restless Records 72391) -91
** CD ** Have Another Beer With Fear (Sector 2 Records 10020) -95

Most important tracks on compilations:

Decline of Western Civilization: I Don't Care about You (live), I Love Livin' in the City (live) and Fear Anthem (live) (Slash Records SR-105) -81
Punk University Volume 1: New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones (Oglio Records OGL 81571-2) -94

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