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Definetly the most important punk band in Sweden! Ebba Grön was fromed in Stockholm in the end of 1977 by Joakim Thåström (vocals and guitar), Lennart Eriksson (aka Fjodor; bass), Gunnar Ljungstedt (aka Gurra; drums). The first gig was at the youth club Rågsved in 10 March 1978 and the first Antirock single came out in the same year. In 1981 the group expanded with Anders Sjöholm (aka Stry Terrarie; keyboards). Before breaking up in beginning of 1983 band made 3 great alumbs and one film Ebba the Movie.

After Ebba Grön Thåstrom played in Rymdimperiet with Gurra, Stry and some other, then in Imperiet and after that did go solo. After being solo Thåström started playing with an industryband called Peace, Love & Pitbulls, they made three records.


(Antirock:) Profit / Ung & Sänkt (Efel SEF 7840-1) -78
(Antirock:) Profit / Ung & Sänkt (Mistlur Records MLRS-2s) -78
(Pro-rock:) Tyst För Fan/ Mona Tombas Slim Club (Mistlur Records MLRS-3s) -78
(Total-pop:) Vad Skall Du Bli?/ Häng Gud (Mistlur Records MLRS-8s) -79
** LP ** We're Only In It For The Drugs (Mistlur Records MLR-10)-79
- later also as CD (Mistlur MLRCD-10)
Staten Och Kapitalet / Ung & Kåt (Mistlur Records MLRS-16s)-80
** LP ** Kärlek & Uppror (Mistlur Records MLR-17) -81
- later also as CD (Mistlur MLRCD-17)
Sheisse / Tyna Bort (Mistlur Records MLRS-24s) -81
** LP ** Ebba Grön (Mistlur Records MLR-25) -82 NOTE: Not a compilation LP
- later also as CD (Mistlur MLRCD-25)
** LP ** Samlade Singlar (singles collection) (Mistlur Records MLRM-01) -83
** CD ** Ebba Grön 1978-1982 (collection) (Mistlur Records MLRCD01) -87
** CD ** Live (Mistlur MLRCD-100) -98
** 4CD-box ** Boxen (Mistlur MLRCD-101) -98

Most important tracks on compilations:

Oasen, en Dag Måste Nånting Hända När Allt Slår In: Skjut en Snut, Brackor and I Wanna Fuck Your Dog (MNW 94) -79
Schlages julsingeln: Nu Släckas Tusen Människoliv (Schlager SCHLAG-2) -80
Sveriges Största Singel II: Uppgång & fall (Mistlur MLR-26s) -82
Sveriges Största Singel III: Staten och Kapitalet (Mistlur MLRs-34) -83
Absolut Hultsfred: Happy (live) (Hultsfred HULTCD-3) -92

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