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Andy Blade about Eater in March 1993:

Like most kids of our age (15), Brian Chevette and I wanted to be in a rock band. The fact that we couldn't play and didnít have any instruments never really bothered us. We decided to call ourselves Eater after a Marc Bolan line:'Tyrannosaurus Rex, the eater of cars', and told all the girls in our school that we had this band. Girlfriends were suddenly easier to find. After about two months of writing our imaginary set lists and lyrics to songs that didnít exist, while informing all and sundry of a forthcoming imaginary gig, we decided we'd better get our act together. A lot of people wanted to see us play! We managed to Ďobtainí the necessary guitars, learned a few chords and promptly set about writing tunes to our ever growing bundles of lyrics. All of them basically speeded up variations of Velvet Underground songs. We were introduced to Dee Generate through Rat Scabies of The Damned, then auditioned Ian Woodcock on bass. Our first gig was on November 26, 1976 at The Holdsworth Hall, Manchester with The Buzzcocks supporting. We were quickly signed up and released our first single Outside View in March 1977. The next eighteen months were a complete blur of teenage over-indulgence, juvenile decadence and completely arrogant ego tripping. Brilliant!!

Some notes by Jukka:

Eater was one of these short lived bands which were inspired by the pioners of punk (i.e. Pistols, Clash, Damned) and was notorious about their naive lyrics and their young age. Legend goes that because Dee was so young (less than 15) he was not alowed to come to all teh pubs - even to play in his band.
Original line-up was: Andy Blade (vocals), Brian Chevette (guitar), Ian Woodcock (bass) and Dee Generate (drums). Dee was kicked out of the second single and new drummer was Phil Rowland


Outside View / You (Label TLR-001) -77
Thinking of the USA / Space Dreamin' (Label TLR-003) -77
**LP** The Album (Label TLR LP 001) -78
Lock It Up / Jeepster (Label TLR-004) -78
- also as 12"
Get Your YoYo's Out live-EP (Debutante's Ball / No More // Thinking of the USA / Holland) (Label TLR-007) -79
- also as 12"
What She Wants What She Need / Reach for the Sky (Label TLR-009) 11/78
** CD ** History Of Eater vol.1 (LP) (Backs Records) -85
** CD ** The Compleat Eater (all studio tracks + demos) (Anagram CD-PUNK-10) -93
** CD ** All of Eater (Creativeman CMD-024; all studio tracks + demos) -95

Most important tracks on compilations:

The Label: Outside View, Point of View and Typewriter Babies (Label TLR LP 002) -78
Live at the Roxy: Don't Need It ja Fifteen (Harvest/EMI SHSP-4069) -77
Punk Collection: Thinking of the USA (RCA PL-42339) -77
The Punk of 76: Outside View (Abstract ABS-004) -81
Burning Ambitioins: Lock It Up (Cherry Red D RED 3)
Indie Punk Classics: Outside View (Emporio EMPRCD 550) -94
PUNK Lost and Found: Waiting for the Man (Shanachie 5705) -96

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