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Maybe not so important band itself, but the guys who played in Eels later played in many interesting bands. The original line-up of this band from Cleveland was: Nick Knox (drums), John Morton (guitar), Brian McMahon (guitar) ja Dave McManus (also know as Dave E; vocals). Only John Morton had played in a band before Eels. After first single Knox left the band and in came Anton Fier, also Jim Jones (keyboards, bass) joined the band. And in some stage also Paul Marotta and Jamie Klimek played guitar in E.E.
And now to the bands after Electric Eels:
- Nick Knox: Cramps
- Anton Fier: Feelies, Longue Lizards and Pere Ubu
- Jim Jones: Guyana
- Paul Marotta and Jamie Klimek: Styrenes
- John Morton and Anton Fier: X blank X (formed in 1978)


Cyclotron / Agitated (Rough Trade RT-008) -78
I Don't Wanna Go to Moscow / ??? (Slippery XPRES-28) -80
Not in Love / Double Complications (Slippery XPRESS-34; also as 12" EXPRESS-3410) -80
Spin Age Blaster / Bunnies (live) (Mustard MUST-107) -81
** LP ** Having a philosophical investigation with the Electric Eels (Tinnitus HR 191304) -89
** CD ** God Says Fuck You (Homestead) -91
** CD ** Their Organic Majesty's Request (Overground) -98
** CD ** The eyeball of hell (Scatrecords 62) 10/01

Most important tracks on compilations:

Band Its at 10 O'clock: Throughly Morden (101/Polydor 2384116)
Beyond the Groove: R.M.T. (101/Polydor 2478140)

Electric Eels links:

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Not in Love with Eels