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One of the earliest punk bands to come from Manchester. Drones was formed in end of 1976 and the line-up was: M.J. Drone (vocals), Gus Callender (guitar), Steve Cundell (bass), Pete Howells (drums). Drones was one of the leading bands in Manchester punk scene which included The Buzzcocks, Slaughter and the Dogs and Warsaw (earli version of Joy Division). Ohms Records was their own DIY label and Valer wasn't much bigger label. Drones were arrested 11.3.1978 for rehearsing their set at 5pm at their practice hall on Oxford Street in Manchester. The rehearsal didn't go unnoticed since they had their 3000 watt sound system turned up full.

Re-union in 1997. Dave Drone gives the update: "The line up is the same as the single 3 originals + Pete on bass. The original bass player builds houses and has a family and didn't want to re join we still drink together."


Temptations of a White Collar Worker EP (Ohms Records GOODMIX-1) 5/77
Bone Idol / I Just Want to be Myself (Valer Records VRS-1) 10/77
** LP ** Further Temptations (Valer Records VRLP-1) 12/77
Can't See / ??? (Fabulous Records JC-3)
** CD ** Further Temptations (includes bonus tracks; Anagram CDPUNK 20)
Sorted / Johnny Go home (Alternative Action) -98
** CD ** Take shelter (Alternative Action) -98

Most important tracks on compilations:

Streets: Lookalikes (Beggars Banguet BEGA-1) -77
Short Circuit (live at the Electric Circus): Persecution Complex (10"; Virgin VCL-5003) 6/78

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