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Dr. Feelgood definitely was not a punk band, but in many ways a proto-punk band. They were very, very energetic R&B combo, a pub rock band. Pub rock was a first way against rock dinosaurues and glam rock in early 1970. These small R&B pub band showed there was an alternative way to do it and they found / established the venues in which the punk bands could play their first gigs. These band were also the exemplar to the new wave bands, like Eddie & The Hods, Records, etc.

Dr. Feelgood was the most succesful of all pubrock band. They were formed in Caverny Island 1971. The first legendary line-up (1971-1977) was: Lee Brilleaux (vocals, harp), Wilko Johnson (guitar), The Big Figure (drums) and John B. Sparks (bass). This Line-up recorded four first LP's including the UK number one hit LP Stupidity.

In April 1977 Wilko left the band and in came Gypsie Mayo. Four more years and six more LP! After that men come and go and some records were made before the third legendary line-up was ready: Lee Brilleaux (vocals, harp, guitar), Gordon Russell (guitar), Phil Mitchell (bass), Kevin Morris (drums). This outfit played from February 1983 up till May 1989.

Then once again line-up changed every year until Lee died in April 1994 at age of 41. In May 1995 band was re-formed, but now there was no original member left. But they still go on and play good-time-R&B-party-music.


Roxette / Route 66 (United Artists UP-35760) 11/74
** LP ** Down By The Jetty (United Artist UAS-29727) 1/75
She Does It Right / I Don't Mind (United Artists UP-35851) 3/75
Back In The Night / I'm a Man (United Artists UP-35857) 7/75
** LP ** Malpractice (United Artist UAS-29880) 10/75
** LP ** Stupidity (United Artist UAS-29990) 9/76
Roxette (live) / Keep It Out Of Sight (United Artists UP-36171) 10/76
Sneakin' Suspicious / Lights Out (United Artists UP-36255) 5/77
** LP ** Sneakin' Suspicious (United Artist UAS-30075) 5/77
She's a Wind Up / Hi-Rise (United Artists UP-36304: also as 12" with bonus track Homework (live) 12-UP-36304) 9/77
** LP ** Be seeing You (United Artist UAS-30123) 9/77
Baby Jane / Looking Back (United Artists UP-36332: also as 12" with bonus track You Upset Me Baby (live) 12-UP-36332) 9/77
Down At The Doctors / Take a Tip (United Artists UP-36468) 9/78
** LP ** Private Practice (United Artist UA-30184) 9/78
Milk And Alcohol / Every Kind Of Vice (United Artists UP-36468) 1/79
A Long As The Price Is Right / Down At The (Other) Doctors (United Artists UP-36506) 4/79
** LP ** As It Happens (United Artists UAK-30239) 6/79
** LP ** Let It Roll (United Artist UAG-30269) 9/79
Put Him Out Of Your Mind / Bend Your Ear (United Artists BP-306) 10/79
Hong Kong Money / Keeka Smeeka (United Artists BP-338) 2/80
** LP ** A Case Of The Shakes (United Artist UAG-30311) 9/80
Jumping From Love To Love / Love Hound (United Artists BP-374) 11/80
Violent Love / A Case Of The Shakes (United Artists BP-386) 1/81
** LP ** On The Job (Liberty LBG-30328) 8/81
Waiting For Saturday Night / Eileen (Liberty BP-404) 11/81
** LP ** Casebook (compilation; Liberty LBG-30341) 11/81
Trying To Live My Life Without You / Murder In The First Degree (Chiswick DICE-16) 9/82
** LP ** Fast Women And slow Horses (Chiswick TOSS-4) 10/82
Crazy About Girls / Something Out Of Nothing (Chiswick DICE-18) 3/83
Dangerous / Can't Find The Lady (Demon D-1030) 9/84
** LP ** Doctor's Orders (Demon FIEND-29) 10/84
My Way / She's In The Middle (Demon D-1032) 12/84
** LP ** Mad Man Blues (Id NOSE-5) 10/85
Don't Wait Up / Something Good (Stiff BUY-253; also as 12" with bonus track Rockin' With Somebody New BUY-IT-253) 8/86
Brilleaux (Stiff SEEZ-65) 8/86
See You Later Alligator / I Love You So You're Mine (Stiff BUY-2553; also as 12" with bonus track What Do You Think Of That BUY-IT-255) 11/86
** CD ** Case History - The Best Of Dr. Feelgood (compilation; EMI CDP-7467112) 4/87
Hunting Shooting Fishing / Big Enough (Stiff BUY-259; also as 12" with bonus track Don't Underestimate Your Enemy BUY-IT-259) 8/87
**LP ** Classic (Stiff SEEZ-67) 9/87
Milk And Alcohol (new recipe) / She's Got Her eyes On You (EMI EM-89; also as 12" with bonus track Mad Man Blues 12-EM-89) 4/89
** CD ** Singles - The UA Years (compilation; Liberty EMI-1332) 5/89
** CD ** Live in London (Grand GRAND-08) 5/90
** CD ** Stupidity Plus (Live 1976-1990) (Liberty EM-1388) 3/91
** CD ** Primo (Grand GRAND-12) 6/91
** CD ** The Feelgood Factory (Grand GRAND-018) 4/94
** BOX ** Looking Back (Liberty ACDFELL-195) 10/95
** CD ** On The Road Again (Grand GRAND-19) 8/96
** CD ** Twenty Five Years Of Dr Feelgood (Grand GRAND-20) 4/97

Some tracks on punk compilations:

Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: Milk and Alcohol ( UK; Virgin VTDCD 42) -95
The Stiff Records Box Set: Don't Wait Up (Demon/Rhino R2 71062) -91
The Stiff Records Box Set: Hunting, Shooting, Fishing (Demon/Rhino R2 71062) -91


Tony Moon: Down By The Jetty - The Dr. Feelgood Story (Northdown Publishing ISBN 1-900711-01-X) 1997

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