D.O.A. is the oldest punk band that comes from Canada. It was formed in Vancouver in 1977. At that time the line-up was: Joe "Shithead" Keighley (vocals, guitar), Randy Rampage (bass, vocals) and Chuck Biscuits (drums). Toghther with the Subhumans they established the early Canadian punk scene.
The early record were published by bands own D.I.Y. label Sudden Death Records.
In 1981 Dave Gregg join as a second guitarist, but soon after this Rampage and Biscuit left the band. Rampage started a solo career (mini-LP Rampage (Friends Records) -82) and Biscuit joined Circle Jerks. New line-up was: Keighley, Gregg, Gregg "Dimwit" James (ex- Pointed Sticks and Subhumans; drums) and Brian Goble (ex- Subhumans; bass). Late 1985 James was replaced by Jon Card (ex- Personality Crisis and S.N.F.U).
Maybe there are changes also after that, but I don't know.
Some trivia: D.O.A. was the first to use term Hardcore in punk.


Disco Sucks EP (sis.: Royal Police / Woke Up Screaming // Disco Sucks / Nazi Training Camp; Sudden Death Records 3097 (Canada)) -78 - re release Quinessence Records -79 (Canada)
Watcha Gonna Do? / Ward War 3 (Sudden Death / Quintessence QD-206 (Canada)) -79
Triumpth of the Ignoroids (12" live-EP; inc.: Nazi Training Camp / Want Some Bondage // Let's Fuck / Rich Bitch; Friends Records (Canada)) -79
** LP ** Something Better Change (Friends Records FR-003 (Canada)) -80
Poitively D.O.A. EP (inc..: Fucked Up Ronnie / World War 3 // The Enemy / My Old Man's a Bum /New Wave Sucks; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-7 (USA and UK)) -81
** LP ** Hardcore '81 (Friends Records FR-010 (Canada)) -81
War on 45 (12":nen EP; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-24 ((USA and UK)) -82
Right to be Wild / Fuck you/Burn it Down (Sudden Death Records (Canada)) -83
Burn It Down / Fuck You (C.D. Presents Records CD-005 (USA)) -83
General Strike / Thats Life (Sudden Death Records (Canada)) -83
** LP ** Bloodied but Unbowed (the Damage to Date 1978-84) (collection of early singles; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-31 (USA)) -84
Don't Turn Your Back (on Deparate Times) (12" EP, Peel Session; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-42 (UK)) -84
** LP ** Let's Wreck the Party (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS -44 ((USA and UK)) -85
** LP ** True (North) Strong and Free (Rock Hotel/Profile Records PRO-1228 (USA)) -87
** CD ** The Dawning Of A New Error (Contains two '77 EPs, Peel Sessions; Alternative Tentacles) -85
** LP ** Murder (Restless Records ) -90
** CD ** 13 Flavours of doom (Alternative Tentacles) -92
** CD ** Loggerheads (Alternative Tentacles) -93
** CD-EP ** The only thing green / Folsom prison blues () -93
** CD ** The Black Spot (Essential Noise) -95

Most important tracks on compilations:

Vancouver Compilation: Kill, Kill, Kill, This is Pop and I Hate You (Pinned Records PIN-793300001ALP (Canada)) -79
Let Them Eat Jellybeans: The Prisoner (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-4 (USA and UK)) -82
Something to Believe in: Tits on the Beach (Better Youth Organization BYO-004 (USA)) -84
Resistance 77: I'm Right You're Wrong (France)
P.E.A.C.E.: America the Beautiful (2LP; R-Radical (USA))
Rat Music for Rat People volume 1: ??? (USA)

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