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California Uber Alles / The Man With the Dogs (Alternative Tentacles AT-95-41; Optional Music OPT-29 USA; Fast F-12 UK) -79
Holiday in Cambodia / Police Truck (Optional Records OPT-4 (only 3000 copies), IRS IR-9016 USA, Cherry Red CHERRY-13 UK) -80
- later also as 12" (12-CHERRY RED-13)
** LP ** Fresh Fruits for Rotting Vegetables (IRS SP-70014 USA; Cherry Red B-RED-10 UK) -80
- later as CD (Cherry Red CDBRED 10)
Kill the Poor / In-Sight (first pressing with free badge; Cherry Red CHERRY-16) -80
Too Drunk to Fuck / The Prey (Alternative Tentacles/Faulty Products VIRUS-2 USA; Cherry Red RED-24 UK) - 81
- later also as 12" (12-Cherry Red-24)
In God We Trust, inc. (12"EP, 8 songs) (Alternative Tentacles/Faulty Products VIRUS-5; Staticin (STAT-C-903) with bonus tracks Too Druck ..., Prey and Holiday ... + free arm band) -81
Nazi Punks Fuck Off / Moral Majority (Alternative Tentacles/Faulty Products VIRUS-6 UK, Subterranean SUB-24 USA) -81
Bleed for Me / Life Sentence (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-23 USA; Statik STAT-22 UK; also as 12" VIRUS-23/12 ja STAT-2212) -82
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (flexi; other bands on the flex Flipper, Angry Samoans and Andy Levine; free with Take It!-fanzine March 82) -82
** LP ** Plastic Surgery Disasters (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-27) -82
Halloween / Saturday Night Holocaust (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-28; also as 12" Statik STAT-2712) -82
Interview with Jello Biafra (12" picture disk)
** LP ** A Skateboard Party (live -82) (Starving Missile 102) -84
** LP ** Frankenchrist (some with legendary 'Penis Landscape' -poster; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-45) -85
** LP ** Bedtime for Democracy (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-50) -86
** LP ** Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (compilation, some with free flex; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-57) -87

Most important tracks on compilations:

Let Them Eat Jellybeans: Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Alternative Tentacles/Subterranean VIRUS-6) -81
Can You Hear Me? Music from the Deaf Club: Police Truck, Short Songs and Straight A's (Optional / Walking Dead OPTLP-OP1) -80
Punk & Disordererly: Kill the Poor (Abstract 100) -82
Wargasm: Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round (No Nukes) -82
Not So Quiet on the Western Front: A Child And His Lawn Mother (2LP) (Alternative Tentacle VIRUS-14) -82
Burning Ambitions: Holiday in Cambodia (Cherry Red DRED-3)
Rat Music for Rat People: Forward to Death (live) and I Am the Owl (GO! Records GO-003) -82
International Peace Benefit: Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round (R Radical Records R.R.R. 1984) -84
Vinyl Solution: Kill the Poor -85
Viva La Revolution: California Uber Alles (2LP)
The Indie Scene 1980: The Story of British Independent Music: California Uber Alles (Connoisseur Collection IBM CD 80)
New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 8: Holiday in Cambodia (Antler Subway AS 5130)


Klaus Flouride (DK bass player): Shortnin' Bread / The Drowning Cowboy (12") (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-12) -82
Morgan Fisher: The Witch Trials (many members of DK, strange electrom-music): Humanoids from the Deep / The Tazer // Trapped in the Playground / Meat Beat (12") (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-3) -81


Dead Kennedys (live in San Francisco julistekansi)
Live in Frisco
Live in Germany 1983

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