Hiljaiset Levyt: PUNKNET 77 - Dictators


"My favourite game of growing up
is getting sick and throwing up
it's the price you have to pay
for eating burgers every day"

Formed in 1974, NYC's Dictators were one of the finest and most influential proto-punk bands. Line-up was:
Andy Shernoff (bass, vocals)
Scott "Top Ten" Kempner (guitar)
Ross "The Boss" Funichello (guitar)
Stu Boy King (drums)
Handsome Dick Manitoba (aka Richard Blum) (vocals) who was bands ex-roadie and a wrestler.
After two first LPs King left the band and was replaced by Ritchie Teeter. Soon after that Mark "The Animal" Mendoza joined the band and Shernoff switched to keyboards. By now Handsome had became a fulltime singer of the band. After great but not well selling LP Bloodbrothers the band broke up.
Since then Kempner put together the Del-Lords (great band!), Ross the Boss spent a few years in the goofy macho heavy metal band Manowar and later joined Shernoff and Manitoba in the punk/metal combo Manitoba's Wild Kingdom.
In 1991, there was a brief reunion tour (with Top Ten) that proved they hadn't lost a step after all these years and in 1996 the band was put together again and is in a good shape).


** LP ** Go Girl Crazy (Epic KE-33348) -75
- later in Australia with poster (Au-Gp-G ANDA 105) -89
- re-release as CD (Sony 7464 33348 2)
** LP ** Manifest Destiny (Electra / Asylum EA-7E1109) -77
Hey Boys / Hey Boys (mono) (promo; Asylum 45420) -77
Search and Destroy / Sleeping with the TV on (both 7" and 12"; Electra/Asylum K-13091) -78
Heartache / Search and Destroy (Asylum (Germany / Spain) -78
** LP ** Blood Brothers (Electra / Asylum EA-147) -78
** MC ** Fuck 'em If They Can't Take A Joke (re-union live 11.2.1981; Reachout International ROIR-A102) -81
I am Right / Loyola (Norton Records 45-052) -96
Who Will Save Rock & Roll / The Savage beat (Norton Records 45-071) -98

Most important tracks on compilations:

Roir UK Promotional Samler: Search and Destroy (live) (Reachout International ROIRLP-1) -87
New York Rockers: Minnesota Strip (live) (Reachout International ROIR A-170) -89
10 Roir Years: Search and Destroy (live) (Reachout International ROIR A-175) -90
DiY 5: Blank Generation - The New York Scene (1975-78): (I Live For) Cars and Girls (Rhino Records R2 71175) -93
Punky But Chic.../The American New Wave Scene: (I Live For) Cars and Girls (Risky Business/Sony Music Special Products AK 57466) -94


The Dictators (live 1977 & 1978; same as 'tattors alive and Beat the Meetles)
CBGB 1977 (Next Big thing // Weekend / Search & Destroy)

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