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Destroy All Monsters (name was taken from Japanese Godzilla film) best known line-up was guitarist Ron Asheton, who had previously played in The Stooges, bass player Mike Davis from MC5 and drummer Rob King, the band were completed by vocalist and ex-model Niagara (real name Lynn Rovner). D.A.M. was formed in Detroit 1973 but until Asheton joined in 1977, early gigs had been a sprawl of experimental minimalism featuring Niagara's scrapings on violin ("I just used to get these different sounds out of it; I never had any big ambition to be a violin player."), she was back by sax player Ben Miller and his brother Larry and Cary Loren on guitars.
Bored single was released initially on a small Detroit label in 1978 and Cherry Red licensed it to the UK. In 1979 Destroy All Monsters made their first not-so-succesful British tour. After the third single, What Do I Get (note: Buzzcocks have a different song with same name) band disbanded in 1980. The Bored CD contains all three singles + previously unavailable song Going to Lose.
After D.A.M. Asheton moved to New Race (with ex -MC5 and ex- Radio Birdman!). Cary Loren and Ben & Larry Miller tried again in 1980 with a group called Xanadu, but found no commercial success.


Bored / You’re Gonna Die (IDBI EEEE 1 (USA) / Cherry Red CHERRY-3 (UK)) -78
Meet The Creeper / November 22nd 1963 (IDBI MONZ 2 (USA) / Cherry Red CHERRY-7 (UK)) -79
What Do I Get? / Nobody Knows (IDBI DAM 3 (USA) / Cherry Red CHERRY-9 (UK)) -79
Destroy All Monsters Live 7" (Black Hole 1855-1 (USA)) -79
- tracks: Introduction / Assassination Photograph / Dream Song (live 6/23/77) / Destroy All Monsters (live 10/29/78) / There Is No End (live 7/17/77)
- line-up: Cary Loren (guitar, vocals), Ron Asheton (lead guitar), Larry Miller (space guitar, vocals), Rob King (drums), Michael Davis (bass), Niagara (presence)
** LP ** November 22. 1963 - Singles & Rarities LP (Revenge MIG 11 (France)) -89
- contains the three singles and "These Boots..." + "Jesus Is A Shotgun"
** CD ** Live LP (Fan Club (France))
- tracks: Anyone Can Fuck Her / Bored / Party Girl / Fast City / Go Away / Having It All / These Boots... / Little Boyfriend / Nov.22 / Right Stuff / Ground Zero
- line-up: Niagara/Asheton/Davis/Larry Steel
** CD ** Bored (Cherry Red CDBRED-94) -91

Blood Of Gold 7"EP (Black Hole 0000 (USA)) -79
- tracks: No Change / Time Bomb / Switch The Topic / Blackout In The City
- line-up: Lair (guitar, voice), Benn (bass), Rob (drums), Cary Loren (guitar, voice), Dauna (voice in "Blackout")

Most important tracks on compilations:

Detroit On A Platter: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Automotive AUTOLP 1000 (USA)) -81

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