PUNKNET 77 - Desperate Bicycles


Desperate Bicycles was formed in Dalston, East London during March 1977. The line-up was: Danny Wigley (vocals), Nicky Stephens (keyboards), Rodger Stephens (b), Dave Papworth (d). In August they formed their own Refill labels and released first single (Smokescreen) which was pressed only 500 copies. In 1980 the line-up changes radically and after that Danny Wigley was only original member in the group, he teamed up with Dan Electro (guitar) and Jeff Titley (drums). Desperate Bicycles broke-up in 1981.


Smokescreen / Handlebars (same songs on both sides; Refill Records RR-1) 8/77
The Medium Was Tedium / Don't Back the Front (same songs on both sides; Refill Records RR-2) 2/78
New Cross New Cross EP (Refill Records RR-3) 5/78
Occupied Territory / Skill (Refill Records RR-4) 7/78
Remorse Code / ??? (Refill Records RR-6) 2/80
Grief is Very Private / Obstruction / Conundrum (Refill Records RR-7)

Most important tracks on compilations:

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