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Delta 5 was a funkpunk band from Leeds which was formed in 9/78 by three woman Bethan Peters (bass), Julz Sale (vocals, guitar, bass) and Ros "Roz" Allen (bass, vocals). They changed instruments while playing and that's why everybody played for example bass. Various Mekons and Gang of Four members played with them until early '79 when line-up finalized with addition of Kelvin "Kelv" Knight (drums) and Alan Briggs (guitar; ex- Section 237). About Mekons connection: Roz played on the first Mekons single.
Delta 5 soon became one of the most important band in the Leeds' radical post-punk movement.
Band made two Peel Session (11.2.1980 and 9.9.1980) - both before the first album! In the beginning 0f 1981 Julz and Alan left the band and were replaced by Graham High (guitar and synth, ex- Boots for Dancing) and Jackie Callis (guitar and percussions). Jackie is by the way sister of Jo Callis who did play in Human League. Their first LP See the Whirl did get full five stars from the Sounds. In 1982 before the break up the line-up was Jackie Callis (vocals), Graham High (guitar) and Simon Fish (drums).


Mind Your Own Business / Now that You're Gone (Rought Trade RT-031) -79
Anticipation / You (Rought Trade RT-041) -80
Try / Colour (Rought Trade RT-061) -80
** LP ** See the Whirl (Pre PREX-6) -81
Shadow / Leaving (Pre PRE-016) 6/81
Powerlines / The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Pre) 8/82

Most important tracks on compilations:

Wanna Buy a bridge?: Mind Your Own Business(Rought Trade ROUGH-US-3) -80
New Wave Club Class X, Vol 7: Mind Your Own Business (Antler Subway AS 5120)
Totally Wired: You (Razor & Tie RE 2076) -95

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