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Crime (as well as the Nuns) were formed before the word punk denoted a particular type of music. These bands represented an older group of people who were bored with the status quo represented by the established order. The Avengers and other bands that followed were presented with a opportunity to express their ideas through punk. They were the first of many bands in west coast (USA) who thought of themselves as punks and part of a new generation of rebellious youth.
Crime played their punk with several different "flavors" (for example Rock & Roll). Their line-up was: Frankie Fix (g), Johnny Strike (g), Ron Greco and Britly Black.


Hot Wire My Heart / Baby You're So Repulsive (Crime Music SAC-0188) -77
Murder by Guitar / Frustration (Crime Music NO-777) -77
Gangsterfunk / Maserati (B-Square BSQ-001) -81
** LP ** Hate us or Love us we don't give a fuck (live 1977; Planet Pimp 005)
** LP ** San Francisco's doomed (Solar Lodge Records OVER-33-CD) -90

Most important tracks on compilations:

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