PUNKNET 77 - Cramps


Trash kings since 1976! Lead by fabulous Lux Interior and wonderful 'Poison' Ivy Rorschach.


Surfin' Bird / The Way I Walk (Vengeance Records 666 US)) -78
Human Fly / Domino (Vengeance Records 668 (US)) -78
Greavest Hits (12" EP) (Human Fly / The Way I Walk / Domino // Surfin' Bird / Lonesome Town; Illegal Records IL-12013 (UK)) -79
Garbageman / Mystery Planet (only testpressings, not officially released; Illegal Records ILS-0017 (UK)) -79
** LP ** Songs the Lord Taught Us (IRS SP-007) -80
Garbageman / Fever (Illegal Records ILS-0017 (UK)) -80
TV Set / Garbageman (Illegal Records (France)) -80
Garbageman / Drug Train (IRS IR-9014 (US)) -80
Drug Train // I Can't Hardley Stand It / Love Me (Illegal Records ILS-0021 (UK)) -80
** LP ** Psychedelic Jungle (IRS SP-70016) -81
Goo Goo Muck / She Said (IRS IR-9021 (US); in UK on yellow vinyl IRS PFP-1003) -81
The Crusher // Save It / New Kind of Kick (12"; IRS PFSX-1008 (US)) -81
** LP ** Off the Bone (compilation) (Illegal Records ILP-012) -83
** LP ** Smell of Female (mini-LP; live; cassette with extra track 'Weekend on Mars'; Big Beat NED-6) -83
- later also as CD (Restless Records 72766)
Faster Pussycat / You Got Good Taste (New Rose NEW-28, also as piccture disc NEW-28P) -84
** LP ** Bad Music for Bad People (compilation) (IRS SP-10042) -84
I Ain't Nuthin' But a Gorehound / Weekend on Mars (New Rose NEW-33) -84
Can Your Pussy Do the Dog / Blue Moon Baby (Big Beat NS-110; also as 12", with bonus track 'Georgia Lee Brown' NST-110) -85
An Interview (Cramp-1) -85
What's Inside a Girl / Give Me a Woman (Big Beat NS-115; also as 12", with bonus track 'Get off the Road' NST-115) -86
** LP ** A Date with Elvis (Big Beat WIKA-46) -86
- later also as CD (Restless Records 72765)
Kizmiaz // Get off the Road / Give Me a Woman (maxi; red vinyl; New Rose NEW-70) -86
Get off the Road / People Ain't No Good // Give Me a Woman / How Far Can Too Far Go (maxi; Planet Records MOP-2002 (Sweden)) -86
What's Inside a Girl EP (cassette-EP; Big Beat) -87
The Cramps 4 x 7" box set
- contains the following singles:
Faster Pussycat/You Got Good Taste (New Rose, new 28)
Gorehound/Week End On Mars (New Rose, new 33)
Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?/Georgia Lee Brown (New Rose, new 66)
Kizmiaz/Give Me A Woman (New Rose, new 71)
** LP ** What's Inside a Ghoul (an interview with Lux and Ivy of the Cramps) (green vinyl; Pow Wow POW-2) -87
** LP ** Rockinnreelininaucklandnewzealandxxx (live at the Galaxy in Auckland 30.8.1986; Vengeance Records 669) -88
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns / Jackyard Backoff (Enigma ENV-17; also as shaped picture disc ENVPD-17; and as 12" and as 12" with poster cover) -90
** LP ** Stay Sick (Enigma ENVLP-1001) -90
- later also as CD (Restless Records 72753)
All Woman are Bad // King of the Drapes / Teenage Rage / High School Hellcats (maxi; picture disc; Enigma 12-ENVPD-19) -90
The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon / Jailhouse Rock (Enigma, ENV22, (USA); also as 12" with bonus track 'Beat Out My Love' 12ENV22 ) -90
** CD ** Look Mom No Head (Big Beat, CDWIKD 101 (UK)) -91
- also in USA: (Restless Records 72586) -91
Eyeball In My Martini / I Wanna Get In Your Pants / Wilder Wilder Faster Faster (12"; Big Beat NST 135 (UK) -91
** LP ** Flame Job LP (Creation (UK)) -94
- also as CD
Let's Get F*cked Up (one-sided 12"; Creation, CRELP170TP (UK)) -94

Most important tracks on compilations:

IRS Greatest Hits Vol. 2&3: Uranium Rock (2LP) (IRS SP-70800) -81
URGH! A Music War: Tear It Up (live) (2LP) (A&M SP-6019) -81 Fast Forward issue 011: New Kind of Kicks (live), Interview, Drug Train (live) (Australian cassette fanzine)
The Defian Pose: Drug Train '(Illegal Records)
The Rebal Kind: Drug Train (A&M AMLX-64692)
Rockabilly Psychosis & the Garage Diseasa: Red Headed Woman (with Jim Dickinson) (Big Beat WIK-18) -84
New York Unsung Heroes: ??? (ROIR) -82
The Return of the Living Dead: Surfin' Dead (soundtrack; Big Beat WIK-38) -85
The Last Temptation of Elvis: Jailhouse Rock (NME LP 038/039) -90
The Indie Scene 1981: The Story of British Independent Music: Goo Goo Muck (Connoisseur Collection IBM CD 82) -92
New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 4: Human Fly (Antler Subway AS 5080)
Sounds of the Seventies (No. 30): Punk and New Wave: Human Fly (Time-Life Music/Warner Special Products SOD-30/OPCD-2689) -93
New Wave Club Class-X: The Best Of Vol. 1: Human Fly (Antler Subway AS 5110)

Some bootlegs:

Hurricane Fighter Plane / I'm Cramped (live January 1977; same as 'Dance on the Cannibals of Sex')
CBGB'S (live 10.6.1977, two sets)
Live EP (7": Human Fly Caveman / Sunglasses after Dark)
Live EP (7": Human Fly / Stay Cool // Listen; live 1980)
Blind Vision EP (7": Thee Most Exaltant Potentate of Love / Five Years ahead of My Time / Jesus was a Sinner / Call of the Wighat; demos, October '82)
Tales from the Cramps (demos + lives, first from 1977)
Cramps Totally Destroy Seattle! (live Astor Park, Seattle 10.5.1982; same as 'Psychedelic Safari')
Rock'n'Roll Monster Bash (live Toronto 18.8.1980; same as 'Stay Sick, Turn Blue')
This is Pop! (radiolive + demos; same as 'Same as the Cavemen' and 'Tales of Terror')
Beyond the Valley of the Cramps (live: New York 1983 and Lontoo 1980)
Live on Venus (live Lontoo 19.4.1980)
Live at Harrys (live Toronto 14.6.1982)
Hot Club Philadelphia Nov '77 (live)
Transylvania Tapes (A-side demos 1979, B-side live Max's Kansas City 1978)
Voodoo Rythm (demos and live)
Most Exaltet Potentates of Trash (mini-LP 45 rpm; San Diego 1984)
Surfin' the Dark (kuvalevy; Live Hammersmith Palais 29.2.1984)
Voodoo Idols (live Indianpolis 1981)
Nazibilly Werwoelfen N'ont Pas De (10")
After Dark (live Hammersmith Odeon 14.3.1986)
Confessions of a Pussycat (2 singles and 1 EP boxed set; live France '86)
Don't Pummel & You Won't Pogo They Ooze & You'll Throb (live Hamburg 1986)
Kizmiaz (live Frankfurt 17.4.1986)
The Last Record (live)
Lonesome Town / Womanneed (7"; live)
Demo Session / The Sloths (double-single)
Ohio demo's 1979 (3 EP box)
Sex & Cramps & Rock'n Roll! (2LP; live Hamburg 18.4.1986)
Smell of San Diego live! (7" EP; 2.6.1984)
Teenage Drug Idol (demos 77-83)
These Pussies Can Do the Dog (2 LP; live Amsterdam 3.4.1986)
Vicious Circle (7": Heartbreak Hotel / Do the Clam; live 16.3.1986)
Werewolf in my Pocket (live 77-83)
Unleashed & Unreleased (out-takes, demo's, interviews & live tracks 77-87)

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