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Transsexual Wayne County first came up in the New York club scene in the early '70s, but soon he moved to England where he formed his first band Queen Elisabeth. It is said that also Jerry Nolan (New York Dolls) played in the short lived Queen Elisabeth for some time. At some point Wayne moved back to New York, recorded the theme song for the legendary venue Max's Kansas City. In 1976 Wayne County & the Backstreet Boys recorded a LP which was never released and after that he moved back to England.
In London punk was a big thing and Wayne formed his first Wayne County & The Electric Chairs. The line-up was Wayne (vocals), Greg Van Cook (guitar), Van Haller (bass) and J.J. Johnson (drums). In England they were signed by small label Safari (which had the fabulous Boys on their rooster). Funny story about a love between Teddy-boy and Punkette Eddie & Sheena was a minor hit.
After the recording of the first LP Greg Van Cook left the band and Henri Padovan (ATV, etc.) was the replacement. At the same time Jules Holland came to the keyboards for a short while.
In 1980 it was time to solve Waynes sexual problems and after visiting the surgery her name was Jayne County. A New Year's Eve gig in Toronto was recorded for the live LP Rock'n'Roll Resurrection. The line-up of her new band was Jayne County (vocals), Eliot Michaels (guitar), Peter Jordan (bass) and Sammy Minelli (drums). After that she had done some records every now and then.


Max's Kansas City Pt1 / Pt2 (Max's Records MAX-1213) -76
Stuck on You // Paranoia / The Last Time (Illegal Records IL-002) -77
Fuck Off / On the Crest (Sweet Fa WC-1A) -77
Thunder When She Walks / What You Got (Illegal Records IL-005) -77
Blatantly Offensive EP (sis.: Fuck Off / Night Time // Toilet Love / Mean Muthafuckin' Man; yellow vinyl; Safari WC-1; re-release Attic Records LAT-1056) -77
I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night / Fuck Off (Safari SAFE-6) -78
Eddie & Sheena / R'n'R Cleopatra (Safari SAFE-7) -78
** LP ** The Electric Chairs (Safari LONG-1) -78
Trying to Get on the Radio / Evil Minded Mama (Safari SAFE-9) -78
Berlin / Waiting for the Marines (Safari SAFE-13) -78
** LP ** Storm the Gates of Heaven (multi-coloured vinyl; Safari GOOD-1) -78
So Many Ways / J'Attends Les Marines (Safari SAFE-18) -79
** LP ** Are You Man Enough To Be a Woman (Attic LAT-1064 (compilation)) -78
** LP ** Things Your Mother Never Told You (Safari GOOD-2) -79
** LP ** Rock'n'roll Resurrection (as Jayne County; Safari LIVE-1) -81
** LP ** The Best of Jayne/Wayne County & the Electric Chairs (Safari GOOD-3) -82
** LP ** Private Oyster (Revolver) -86
** LP ** Amerikan Cleopatra (Konnexion) -87
Betty Grable's Legs! EP (Jungle) -89
** CD ** Goddess of Wet Dreams (ESP/ZYX (Germany)) -94
** CD ** Deviation (RPM Thunderbird CSA-105) -95

Most important tracks on compilations:

Max's Kansas City 1976: Max Kansas City '76, Flip Your Wig and Cream in My Jeans (Ram 1213) -76
- re-release under name New York New Wave Max's Kansas City; ; uusintajulkaisu CBS 82670) -76
Jubilee: ??? (soundtrack; Polydor 2302079) -77
DiY 5: Blank Generation - The New York Scene (1975-78): Max's Kansas City 1976 (Rhino Records R2 71175) -93

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