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First two years (Stiff and Radar era). The rest will be added later.
Less Than Zero / Radio Sweetheart (Stiff BUY-11) 3/77
Alison / Welcome to the Working Week (Stiff BUY-14) 5/77
Red Shoes / Mystery Dance (Stiff BUY-15) 7/77
** LP ** My Aim Is True (Stiff SEEZ-3; in France Stiff SRL 910.010. in Japan Stiff VIP-6481, in USA Columbia AL-35037 with bonus track Watching the Detectives) 11/77
(The Angels Wanna Wear) Read Shoes / Mystery Dance (Stiff SRS 510.040. (France)) -77
Alison (stereo) / Alison (mono) (promo; Columbia 3-10641 (USA)) -77
Alison / Miracle Man (Columbia 3-10641 (USA)) -77
Mystery Dance / Pay It Back (yellow vinyl; Stiff COU-B/ 640.131. (France)) -77
Watching the Detectives // Blame It on Cain (live) / Mystery Dance (live) (Stiff BUY-20; in France SRS 510.042.; in USA Columbia 1-10696) 11/77
Watching the Detectives (short and long versions) // Blame It on Cain (live) / Mystery Dance (live) (promo; B-sides different than on real single; Stiff BUY-20DJ) -77
Watching the Detectives (Columbia 3-10705 (USA)) -77
(I Don't Wanna Go to) Chelsea / You Belong to Me (Radar ADA-3) -78
(I Don't Wanna Go to) Chelsea // Tiny Step / Night Rally (Columbia C4-8292 (Canada)) -78
** LP ** This Year's Model (first 50.000 with free single 'Stranger in the House / Neat, Neat, Neat (Radar SAM-83); Radar RAD-3, re-release F-Beat XXLP-4 -80 and IMP FIEND-18 -84; in Sweden Smash Slept-2 in France Radar 56447 in USA Columbia JC-35331) -78
Pump It Up / Tears (Radar ADA-10) -78
Now You See Them Live: Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Mink DeVille (12" promo-EP, USA tour feebie; Costello track: 'Radio Radio' Columbia AS-443) -78
This Year's Girl / Big Tears (USA; Columbia 3-10762) -78
** LP ** Live at the El Mocambo (PROMO-LP; only 500 made (lot's of bootleg version available); Columbia CDN-10C (Canada)) -78
Radio Radio / Tiny Steps (Radar ADA-24) -78
American Squirm / (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Radar ADA-26) -78
Talking in the Dark / Wednesdat Week (gig freebie; Radar RG-1) -78
Oliver's Army / My Funny Valentine (Radar ADA-31) -79
** LP ** Armed Forces (Radar RAD-14; re-release F-BEAT XXLP-5 -80 and IMP FIEND-21; in Japan Radar P-10627F, in France Radar-35709. Some UK and USA pressings with free-ep: Live at Hollywood High, inc.: Accidents Will Happen (live) // Alison (live) / Watching the
Detectives (live) (Radar SAM-90)) -79
** LP ** Rock Around the World (Radio Series 180) (USA-radio-LP)
My Funny Valentine / (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (promo; red vinyl Columbia AE7-1172 (USA)) -79
Oliver's Army / My Funny Valentine (Radar P-387F (Japan)) -79
Accidents Will Happen // Talking in the Dark / Wednesday Week (Radar ADA-35; in Japan Radar P-444F, in Germany RAD 17393N) -79
Accidents Will Happen / Sunday's Best (Columbia 3-10919 (USA)) -79
Four Pack In Plastic Wallet (plastic wallet with Stiff singles BUY-11, -14, -15 & -20; Stiff GRAB-003) -82
Watching the detectives / Alison // Radio sweetheart / Less than zero (Stiff BUY-239) -85

Most important tracks on compilations:

A Bunch Of Stiffs: Less Than Zero (Stiff SEEZ 2, in Japan Stiff/Victor VIP-6651) -77
The Stiff Records Box Set: Less Than Zero, Alison, Watching the Detectives and I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself (Demon/Rhino R2 71062) -91
Three Minute Heroes: 20 of the Finest Punk & New Wave Singles: Watching the Detectives (Virgin VTCD9) -92 Rock & Wave Volume 1: Hits from the Underground: Oliver's Army (Columbia 472733) -92
Sounds of the Seventies (No. 30): Punk and New Wave: Radio, Radio (Time-Life Music/Warner Special Products SOD-30/OPCD-2689) -93
London on the Line: 20 Punk and New Wave Greats: (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea (Columbia 477129 2) -94
Rock of the 80's Volume 10: Veronica (Priority Records P2 53769) -94
START: The Best of British: Watching the Detectives (Dino Entertainment Ltd. DINCD 92) -94
Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: (I Don't Want to) Go to Chelsea (Virgin VTDCD-42) -95
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: Oliver's Army (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96
Once in a Lifetime - 40 Classic New Wave Hits: Pump It Up (Telstar TCD2889) -97

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