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Chequered Past was Steve Jones (Ex -Sex Pistols; guitar) band which lived from the end of 1982 to the beginning of 1984. Band was put together when Nigel Harrison (ex-Blondie; bass) told Steve that he has always dreamed about playing with Mr. Jones. Other members where: Michael Des Barres (ex- Detective and Zilroid), Tony "Fox" Sales (played with Iggy Pop and David Bowie) and Clem Burke (ex- Blondie; drums).

Band broke up because Steve Jones get fucked up of the singer, who was "old fart and a swanker". Chequered Past record is boring - and I mean BORING - hard-rock and the only reason the band is mentioned here is because of Steve Jones.


** LP ** Chequered Past (EMI ST-17123 (USA)) -84

Most important tracks on compilations:

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