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Blondie was one of the most successful band from the New York new wave movement of the late '70s - the movement which started from the CBGBs club scene. Before Blondie Deborah "Debbie" Harry (born 01.07.1945) did sing in a folk-rock band Wind in the Willows (one LP in 1968!) and in the short lived band the Stilettos. Stilettos were also part of the CBGBs scene.
Blondie was formed in August 1974, but it did take more than an year before the line-up settled to: Debbie (vocals), Chris Stein (guitar, ex- Stilettos, born 05.01.1950), Clement Burke (drums, born 24.11.1955), Gary Valentine (bass) and James Destri (keyboards, ex- Knickers, born 13.04.1954).
Regular gigging in the CBGBs and other New York clubs did get them a recording contract to Private Stock Records and the first LP Blondie was released in December 1976.
Next year Gary Valentine was replaced by Frank Infante, and in August Chrysalis Records bought their contract from Private Stock. Now their debut album was reissued and soon Plastic Letters was followed it. In November Frank Infante switched to guitar and Nigel Harrison came to play the bass.
Commercial success started with Denis (top ten hit in UK) in March 1978. Because of the success in England, Blondie made a short (7 gigs) headline tour in UK in September.
Blondies third album, Parallel Lines, was released in September 1978 and it was produced by Mike Chapman. This was the record which broke them worldwide. Heart of Glass from Parallel Lines was number one in the UK and USA and Sunday Girl number one in the UK.
Next year and next number one album Eat to the Beat. It was produced by Mike Chapman once again and it was recorded in Electric Ladyland (New York) in three months. Eat to the Beat had one more number one hit Atomic and many Top-40 hits. In the end of the year (in fact the last day, 31.12.1979) Blondie's gig at the Apollo Theatre (Glasgow) was broadcast live on BBC's The Old Grey Whistle Test TV-program.
Next number one hit was Call Me which was made for the movie American Gigolo. The Tide Is High from the next album Autoamerican was still number one in the UK and USA, but it was clear the end was near. In 1981 Debbie started a solo career.
In the beginning of 1982 Infante sues the band, claiming he is being excluded from group activities. Following an out-of-court settlement, he remains a member. Bands last album The Hunter was released in June and although it went to number 9 in UK charts it was a flop. In 1982 Chris Stein became seriouly ill and in October it was end for the Blondie. After Blondie Debbie continued her successful solo carreer.


Althought Blondie comes from USA nearly all the record codes here are the UK ones. The codes of the Private Stock records are the USA ones. If USA and UK differences from another they I try also to name the USA codes. Releases in other countries (Japan, Holland, Norway, etc.) are mentioned only if they have different B-sides or something else really important.

** LP ** Blondie (Private Stock PS-2023) 12/76 (re-release Chrysalis CHR-1165 -77)
In The Flesh / X Offender (Private Stock PVT-105) 12/76
Rip Her to Shreds / In The Flesh (Chrysalis CHS-2180) -77 (re-release as 12" CHS-122180 -81)
** LP ** Plastic Letters (Chrysalis CHR-1166) 10/77 (highest chart position in UK: 10, USA: 72)
Denies //Contact in Red Square / Kung Fu Girls (Chrysalis CHS-2204) 3/78 (highest chart position in UK: 2)
Presence Dear // Poets Problem / Detroit 442 (Chrysalis CHS-2217) 5/78 (highest chart position in UK: 10)
Picture This / Fade Away (Chrysalis CHS-2242) 9/78 (highest chart position in UK: 12)
Hanging on the Telephone / Will Anything Happen (Chrysalis CHS-2266) 12/78 (highest chart position in UK: 5)
** LP ** Parallel Lines (Chrysalis CDL-1192) 9/78 (re-relaesa FAME FA 41 3089-1 -83)
Hanging on the Telephone / Fade Away & Radiate (Chrysalis CHS-2271) 12/78 (highest chart position in UK: 1)
Heart of the Glass / Instrumental Version (Chrysalis CHS-2275) 3/79 (highest chart position in UK: 1)
Heart of the Glass / 11:59 (Chrysalis CHS-2295) -79
Sunday Girl / I Know But I Don't Know (Chrysalis CHS-2320) 5/79 (highest chart position in UK: 1)
** LP ** Eat to the Beat (Chrysalis CDL-1225) 9/79 (highest chart position in UK: 1, USA: 17)
Dreamin' / Sound Asleep (Chrysalis CHS-2350) 10/79 (highest chart position in UK: 2, USA: 27)
Union City Blue / Living in the Real World (Chrysalis CHS-2400) 12/79 (highest chart position in UK: 13)
Atomic / Die Young Stay Pretty (Chryslais CHS-2410) (also as 12" with bonus track Heroes (live) CHS-122410) 3/80 (highest chart position in UK: 1, USA: 39)
Call Me / Instrumental Version (Chrysalis CHS-2414) 4/80 (highest chart position in UK: 1)
Call Me (extended version) / Night Drive (12" 33rpm Amerigan Gigolo movie promo-LP) (Polydor PRO-124) -80
Tide Is High / Susie And Jefrey (Chrysalis CHS-2465) 11/80 (highest chart position in UK: 1, USA: 7)
** LP ** Auto-American (Chrysalis CDL-1290) 11/80 (highest chart position in UK: 3)
Rapture / Walk Like Me (Chrysalis CHS-2485) 2/81 (highest chart position in UK: 5, USA: 1)
Rapture (disco mix) / Live It Up (disco mix) 12" (Chrysalis CHS-122485) -81
** LP ** Best of Blondie (Chrysalis CDLTV-1) 10/81 (highest chart position in UK: 4, USA: 30)
Heart of Glass // Instrumental Version / Rifle Range 12" (Chrysalis CHS-122275) -81
Call Me (Spanish Version) / Call Me Instrumental 12" (Chrysalis CHS-122514) -81
Sunday Girl // Sundy Girl (French Version) / I Know But I Don't Know (Chrysalis CHS-122320) -81
** LP ** Hunter (Chrysalis CDL-1384) 6/82 (highest chart position in UK: 9, USA: 33)
Island of Lost Souls / Dragonfly (Chrysalis CHS-2608) (also as a picture disk CHSP-2608) 6/82 (highest chart position in UK: 37)
Warchild / Little Caeser (Chrysalis CHS-2624) 7/82 (highest chart position in UK: 39)
Warchild (extended version) / Little Ceaser 12" (Chrysalis CHS-122624) -82
Tougth / Tougth (instrumental) (Mercury BLOW-10) (also as 12", BLOW-10-12) -82
** CD ** Live! (MCA) -88
** 2LP ** Once More into the Bleach (Chrysalis CHR-1658) 12/88
** CD ** Blonde & Beyond (Chrysalis) -93
** CD ** Best of Blondie (Chrysalis)
** CD ** Platinum Collection (EMI) -94
** CD ** Remix Project (Chrysalis) -95
** CD ** Heart of Glass (Brilliant!) -95
Maria / ??? (RCA) 1/99
** CD ** No Exit () 2/99

Most important tracks on compilations:

Just too many to mention. Most of these are hit-compilations.


Thin Line / Puerto Rico // Out in the Streets / Platinum Blonde (demos)
Headlines (live in Boston) -78 (later under the name Slow Motion)
On the Road with Blondie (picture disk, taken from The Midnight TV Specila Showsta, label says that the record label is Private Stock, but that not true)
Comes Alive (live Philadelphia 6/10/78) (later under the name Eat You Alive) -79
Blond Fever (live at Greek Theater, Los Angeles) -79
Front Page 2LP (2LP later the second LP also later under the name Quaters to Dollars)
Little Dool (live in Texas live + demos) -79
Peroxide on Blonde 2LP
Pretty Baby 3LP (interview)

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