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left to right - Blank Frank, Mick Sick, Gloria, Nicky Knoxx (1977)


This band which take it's name from the first single by the Ramones was formed in Newcastle in the beginning of 1977.Line-up was: Nicky Knoxx (drums), Telly Sett (guitar), Mick Sick (bass) Gloria (guitar) ja Blank Frank (vocals). The first single was released on a small Mortonsound label and it was pressed only 500 copies. The single did get good reviews and band moved to lightning Records.
The first single on Lighting was also Let's Go - now re-recorded. In the beginning of 1978 Telly Sett left the band. Blitzkrieg Bop continued as foursome, and did make another single to Lightning.
In February 1979 Blank Frank left the band and joined Basczax. Nicky Knoxx (Bop's drummer) joined 2 weeks later, and that was end of the Blitzkrieg Bop. Basczax recorded some tracks to Earcom 2 compilation LP and did single Madison Fallout, before spliting up in 1980.
After Basczax Blank Frank was in Makaton Chat until 1986 and then he had a band alled Viva La Diva with with ex-Blitzkrieg Bop bass player Graham 'Kid' Moses.

For more information You can contact Blank Frank



Let's Go (version 1) / Nine till Five / Bugger off (Mortonsound MTN3172-3) 6/77
Let's Go (version 2) / Life's Just a So-So / Mental Case (Lighting GTL-504) 11/77
(You're Like a) U.F.O. / Viva Bobby Joe (Lightning GTL-543) 9/78
** MC ** Scum 78 (Animated Tapes HUMAN-7) 10/78
** CD ** Top of the Bops (all singles + rare unreleased recordings) (Overground Records OVERCD-69) 1/98

Most important tracks on compilations:

Waves - an Anthology of New Music vol. 1 - January 1979: Let's Go(version 1) (Bomp LP-4003-0798) 11/79
Waves: Let's Go(version 1) (Line Records LLP-5004 (Germany))
Young Raw Sounds UK - Rare Punk Vol. 1: Let's Go (version 2) (Zeus LP1)
Lightning Records Punk Collection: Let's Go (version 2) and (You're Like A) UFO (Anagram Records CDPUNK-79) 5/96
Short Sharp Shock - Independent Recordings UK 1977: Let's Go (version 1), Nine till Five and Bugger Off (Overground Records OVERCD-47) 5/96

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