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Black Flag was born in Hermosa Beach (near Los Angeles) and soon became one of the leading bands in the Los Angeles hardcore punk rock movement of the early '80s. Band line-up changed a lot in the beginning and the most permanent line-up was: Keith Morris (vocals), Greg Ginn (born 8.6.1954, guitar), Chuck Dukowski (born 1.2.1954, bass) and Robo (drums). With this line-up band made their first demo which the a little bit later released on their own STT label as Nervous Breakdown EP. Band get more gigs and huge reputation as a wild live act.

Before the second EP Keith Morris left the band and formed Circle Jerks. For next half an year Chavo Pederast was the singer - at that period band had lots of problems with local police and they had to move from Hermosa Beach in summer 1980. Dez Cadena came to band first as singer, but soon he change to guitar and Henry Rollins (born 13.2.1961) come in and take the place as the front man of the band.

After many colourful moves SST released legendary first Black Flag LP Damaged in December 1981. Band was nearly signed to MCA, but when one of the bosses of MCA heard the tape of Damaged he said that he found the tape very anti-parent which he as a father couldn't stand - so Black Flag had to go. Band went to UK and played for example in the Leeds punk-festival with the Damned - and Robo didn't come back to the States and it was time to have a new drumer. It was easier said than done. First Bill Stevenson (born 10.9.1963) was in the band on temporary basis, then Emil came in and ... left soon. Next one was Chuck Biscuits but he had to leave because Greg Ginn wasn't very happy with his performance. At this time band style changed to a little bit slower. Black Flag also released Family Man which was a big surprise: A-side was spoken words / poets by Henry Rollins and B-side instrumentals.

And even more changes in the line-up: Kira Roessler [born 13.8.1962, bass) replace Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson came to the drums for the second time. There was some controversy surrounding the departure of Chuck Dukowski. Greg Ginn claimed he quit, while Chuck Dukowski claimed he was forced to leave by Greg Ginn. Either way, Chuck Dukowski went on to form SWA, and is still on good terms with Greg Ginn.

Black Flag finally broke up in 1987. Henry Rollins started a solo career and became a writer. Greg Ginn joined Gone and Dez Cadena DC3. STT has re-released all Black Flag records as CD and they are very easy to find. And if You want to know more read Get in the Van (written by Henry Rollins) which tells the bands story.


Nervous Brakdown / Fix Me // I've Had It / Wasted (SST Records SST-001) -78
Jealous Again (12" EP sis: Revenge / White Minority / No Values / Jealous Again / You Bet We've ... (SST Records SST-003) -80
** LP ** Damaged (Unicorn / SST Records SST-7) -81
Depression / Rise Above (Timecoast) -81
Louie Louie / Damaged I (Posh Boy PBS-13) -81
- later re-release (SST Records SST-175) -88
Six Pack / I've Heard It Before / American Waste (SST Records SST-005) -81
TV Party // I've Got to Run / My Rules (SST Records SST-012) -81
** LP ** Everything Went Black (compilation) (SST Records/Cherry Red SST 15) -82
** LP ** My War (SST Records SST-023) -84
Slip It In / ??? (12") (SST Records SST 12001) -84
** LP ** Family Man (SST Records SST 026) -84
Family Man / I Won't Stick Any of You Until I Can Stick All of You (12") (SST Records SST-12001) -84
** LP ** Slip It In (SST Records SST 029) -84
** LP ** First 4 Years (first cassette, later also as LP; SST Records SST-021) -84
- re-release on CD
** LP ** Live -84 (first cassette, later also as LP; SST-030) -84
- later also as CD (SST-CD-030) -97
Keep It in the Family / ??? (12")
Process of Weeding Out (12" EP; inc: instrumentals; SST Records SST-037) -85
** LP ** Loose Nut (SST Records SST-035) -85
** LP ** In My Head (SST Records SST-045)
** LP ** Who's Got the 10 1/2 (live) (SST Records SST-081; cassette and CD have extra songs) -86
Annihilate This Week (12" EP; livejš samalta keikalta kuin 'Who's ...' SST Records SST-081) -86
** LP ** Wasted Again (compilation; SST Records SST-116)
I Can See You (3" CD-single; SST Records SST-226) -89
** CD ** Damaged/Jealous Again (SST)

Most important tracks on compilations:

Cracks In the sidewalk: Clocked In (SST/New Alliance NAR 001) -80
Chunks: Machine (SST/New Alliance NAR 003) -81
Rodney at the ROQ: No Values (Posh Boy PBS-106) -80
Rodney at the ROQ Vol 2: Rise Above (Posh Boy PBS-123) -81
The Future Loos Bright: Six Pack, I've Heard It Before and American Waste (SST/Posh Boy PBC-120) -81
Let Them Eat Jellybeans: Police Story (Alternative Tentacles VIRUS-4) -82
Decline of Western Civilization: White Minority, Depression and Revenge (all live) (Slash SR-105) -81
God Bless America: Louie, Louie
Rat Music for Rat People: Scream (live) (Go Records GO-003) -82
Blood on the ROQ: Rise Above (Quiet QLP-3) -83
Repo Man (soundtrack): TV Party
Blasting Concept: Nervous Breakdown, Jealous Again and I've Heard It Before (SST Records SST-013) -83
Blasting Concept vol. 2: I Can See You (SST Records SST-043) -86
The Sound of Hollywood: ???
'COPulation LP: ??? (Mystic Records MLP-33128)
Underground Hits 1: ??? (Aggressive Rock-Production)


Live SO 36 18.2.-86 (live)
7-11 (live)
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service (live)
The Complete 1982 Demos Plus More (demos + radio show)
Annihlation (Live at Palladium Aug 31, 1985)

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