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After the Dead Boys had broke up Stiv Bators moved to Los Angels where he start to write new songs. After meeting Greg Shaw (boss of Bomb Records) Stiv started a solo-career and record bunch of singles and really fine Disconnected LP to Bomb. In Disconneted Bators recorded much melodic and psychedelic stuff than with the Dead Boys and there are two interesting covers in that LP: Too Much to Dream by Electric Prunes and It's Cold Outside by Choirin. At these times Stiv also made his film debyt in John Waters Polyester (1981). Although Disconneted was fine record it didn't sell well and nearly made Bomb go bankrupt. So when ex-Sham 69 guys asked Stiv to join Wanderers he did think twice. After Wanderers Stiv had some success with the Lords of the New Church.
After Lords Stiv moved to Paris, made one move solo-single (once again to Bomb), made re-union gigs with the Dead Boys and died in 4th June 1990 when a car run over him, he walked away from the accident, but died later in his home.
Best known line-up at 1980-81 was: Stiv Bators (vocals, guitar), Jeff Jones (guitar, vocals), Eddy Best (guitar), Rick Bremmer (drums).


** LP ** The Lords and the new creatures (EVA 5006, FR) -79/80
It's Cold Outside / The Last Year (Bomp BMP-124) -79
Too Much to Dream / Make Up Your Mind (12") (Bomp BEP-1202) -80
** LP ** Disconnected (Bomp BLP-4015; later also as CD Bomp BCD-4043) -80
Not the Way Anymore ... / Circumstantial Evidence (Bomp BMP-128) -81
Story in Your Eyes / Have Love Will Travel (12" maxi BOMB BMP-12-136) -87
** box ** I wanna be a Dead Boy (5 * 7" singles, Munster 7029 * Spain) -92
- 1: It's Cold Outside (alternate version) / The Last Year (alternate version) (Muster/Bomp 124/M)
- 2: Not the Way Anymore ... (alternate version) / Circumstantial Evidence (alternate version) (Muster/Bomb BMP-128/M)
- 3: I'll be Alrigh (unrealeased outtake) / I Stand Accused (unrealeased demo) (Muster/Bomb 129/M)
- 4 & 5: Stiv Bators & the Dead Boys: Live Ca. 1980 (double 7"; Muster/Bomb 140/M) NOTE: recorded from one of many Dead Boys re-union tours
** LP ** "L.A. L.A." (10"; Bomb BLP-4046/10; also as CD BCD-4046) -94

Most important tracks on compilations:

Experiments in Destiny: A Million Miles Away (2 LP; Bomp BLP-4016/2) -80
Rock Lines: ??? (Govi Records)
Destination Bomb: ??? (2CD; Bomb BCD 4048/2)

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