They Shoot Reindeer, Don't They - Tour in Scandinavia. Story by Jeremy Gluck.

This page is made by Jukka Junttila in co-operation with Jeremy Gluck.

Jeremy Gluck was a Canadian who lived in London and had early sing in band called The Yohawks and The New Master Race. In London he and Robin Wills (ex- Lou Chysler et Les Noustiquaries) formed R.A.F. but it didn't took long before they changed the name to The Barracudas. Name was taken from an old The Standells song. The line-up was: Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar & vocals), David Buckley (bass & vocals) and Nick Turner (drums). Band style in the beginning was some kind of neo-surf & punk.
The Barracudas supported band like the Clash and U.K. Subs and when record companies didn't seems to be interested in the band the made a D.I.Y. single I Want My Woody Back. This single was a minor hit and band was soon signed to Zonophone (sub-label of EMI). To EMI they recorded bunch of fine neo-surf song like Summer Fun and (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again and two sided (UP = surf punk and DOWN = dark stuff) LP Drop Out with the Barracudas.
After Drop Out Nick Turner left to join the Lords of the New Church, also David Buckley leave the band. New members where Jim Dickson (bass; ex- Surivors) and Graham Potter (drums). Band style became some sort of garage-rock. Chris Wilson (ex- Flaminí Groovies) joined the band in 1982. Albums Meantime and Endeavour to Preserve, were released only in France. In 1984 Graham left the band and Mark Sheppard come to drums.
January 2 1985 the band disbanded because of general frustration: no record deal, no money, few gigs. After 'cudas Jeremy Gluck made some solo records and formed The Civilisation Machine, Rob Wills new band was called The Fortunate Son, Chris Wilson formed Rock' n' Roll Gypsies. Time went on and The Barracudas still was a big cult name (many demo & live records were released) so it was time to reform in 1989 with line-up: Jeremy Gluck (lead vocals), Robin Wills (guitar), Steve Robinson (bass) and Jay Posner (drums). With this line-up they did make great Wait fo Everything LP and last for two years, before break up again.
Jeremy Gluck tells about the end: "After Wait fo Everything it became clear that we had neither the money nor opoortunity to really keep going and, after some demos and so on, decided to just let things end. We played our last show in Madrid in spring of 1993, a very messy affair (captured on the Live in Madrid Again cd) that was part of Record Runner's 10th anniversary celebration. Robin wrote some more songs, some quite good....but in 1994 I moved out of London to the south coast of Wales, where I live now very happily with my wife, children and dog, and pursue very different interests (see my Web page). Robin lives in London still, has 2 kids...the usual :-) Steve lives there too, working in a great vintage guitar shop.... So that is the end of the story! I suppose we did alright for a cult group..."


I Want My Woody Back / Subway Surfin (Cellout Records CELL-OUT-1) -79
Summer Fun / Chevy Baby (Zonophone/EMI Z-5) -80
His Last Summer // Barracuda Wavers / Surfers Are Back ! (Zonophone/EMI Z-8) -80
(I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again / Rendezvous (Zonophone/EMI Z-11) -80> I Can't Pretend /The K.G.B. (made a Man Out of Me) (Zonophone/EMI (Z-17) -80 ** LP ** Drop Out with the Barracudas (Zonophone/EMI ZONO-103) -81
- later as CD (EMI) and (Voxx)
I Can't Pretend / Surfers Are Back // You Were on My Mind / Surfer Joe (Promo EP; Voxx EP-3303) -82
Inside Mind / Hour of Degradation (Flicknife FLS-207) -82
** LP ** Meantime (Closer CL-0001) -83
- later also as CD (Mau Mau)
House of Kicks (12" inc.: Next Time Around // Dead Skin /Take What He Wants) (Flicknife FLEP-103) -83
** LP ** Live 1983 (Coyote COR-021) -83
The Way We've Changed / Laughing at You (Closer CL-0006) -83
** LP ** Endeavour to Persevere (Closer CL-0009) -83
- later also as CD (Mau Mau)
** LP ** The Big Gap (Coyote COR-022) -84
Live EP: Song for Lorraine /Black Snake // Ballad of a Liar / Slow Death (Roadrunner RRR.002) -84
Stolen Heart / See Her Eyes Again (Closer CL.0015) (also as 12" with bonus track Be My Friend Again (demo version) CL.1215) -84
** LP ** The World is a Burn (mini-LP; The Turst MINITRUST-001) -85
** LP ** I Wish It Would Be 1965 Again (all EMI-singles; GMG 75003) -85
Very Last Day / There's a World Out There (flex; Bucketfull of Brains B.O.B. 7) -85
** LP ** Live in Madrid (Impossible A4-25) -86
Down in the Boondocks / (other side The Sneetches: Everybody's Talking) (Bucketfull of Brains B.O.B. 29)
Drop Acid With The Barracudas (10"; Voxx)
** LP ** Garbage Dump Tapes! (Shakin' Street YEAH-HUP 006) -89
Grammar of Missery // Laughing at You / Slow Death (12"; Shakin' Street YEAH-HUP 015) -89
Hear Me Calling / She Knows (Dog Meat DOG-022) -89
** CD ** Wait for Everything (Shake 203)
I Thought You Sounded That Way Yesterday / Remember (Shake SAL-202) -90
** CD ** Surf and destroy (GMG/Fun 1) France (Incl.: "1965 again" Lp + "Drop out" Lp, + 5 unreleased tracks)
** CD ** Two Sides Of A Coin 1979-84 (Anagram CDMGRAM 62)
** CD ** Live in Madrid Again (Roadrunner)
** CD ** Through The Mysts of Time (Snowdome Records CD01) -98

Most important tracks on compilations:

A Spash of Colour: Watching the World Go By (WEA K-58415) -81
Trash on Delivery: You're Gona Miss Me (live) (Flicknife SHARP-011) -83
Greetings from Sunny Beach: Stolen Heart (demo versio) (Closer CL.0022) -84
Mutant Surf Punks: I Want My Woody Back (Anagram) -85


Live in Le Havre 18.9.82 (same as Los Angeles & Vicinity vol.1; released -85)

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