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The Avengers were a San Francisco-based hardcore punk rock group formed in 1977. Line-up was: Penelope Houston (vocals), Greg Westermark (aka Greg Scars; guitar), Jonathan Postal (bass), and Danny Furious (drums). They played their first gig at Mabuhay Gardens June 1977. At some point Postal left and Jimmy Wilsey (aka Jimmy Blaze) came in.

In 1978 Avengers opened for Sex Pistols at Winterland, and this was the gig which made them well known. Steve Jones even produced their second. In the summer of 1978 trouble with the line-up begun: Greg left and Jimmy switched to the guitar, and then there were many "replacements" on bass including Tony Dil and Craig Gray (ex- Negative Trend, later Toiling Midgets - who released three albums). After a few months the band broke up. Houston re-emerged years later as a folk-rocker and Jimmy Wilsey went on to play in Chris Isaak's band. Jonathan Postal formed later the Readymades.

In February 1999 Avengers were resurrected for two performances recently to celebrate the release of Died for Your Sins, their first official CD.


We are the One / I Belive in Me // Car Crash (Dangerhouse Records SFD-400) -77
** LP ** Avengers (White Noise WNR-002) -78
The American in Me / Uh Oh ! // Corpus Christi / White Nigger (maxi; White Noise Records 002) -78
Pain it Black / Thin White Line (CD Presents Ltd 006) -83
** CD ** Avengers (collection) (CD Presents 007) -83
** CD ** Avengers Died For Your Sins (collection) (Lookout) -99

Most important tracks on compilations:

Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 1: Cheap Tragedies (Go! Records; re-release CD Presents Ltd 003) -82
Dangerhouse volume 1: We Are the One (Frontier 4629-1-L) -91
Dangerhouse volume 2: Car Crash (Frontier 01866 34640 2) -92


Summer of Hate (7" live EP, inc.: End of the World / Summer of Hate // We are the One / I Believe in Me)
Penelope (same as Summer of Hate)
Live Whiskey a Go Go '78 (7" live EP, inc.: Don't You / Kingdom // The American in Me / White Nigger / C'mon Everybody)

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