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Adam and Jordan circa 1977
Adam circa 1984

Day by day compiled by Jukka Junttila

November 3, 1954
Stuart Leslie Goddard (later Mr. Ant) was born.
November 6th 1975
Stuart Goddard's band, Bazooka Joe, perform at St. Martin's Art College. The Sex Pistols make their live debut as the opening band.
July 3rd 1976
Adam Ant forms a new band, The B-Sides, with Andy Warren and Lester Square (both later Monochrome Set). B-Sides recorded a punk version of These Boots are Made for Walking and then disband.
April 23rd 1977
Adam Ant goes to see Siouxsie & The Banhees and The Violators at The Roxy in London which inspires him to form The Ants.
May 5th 1977
Adam & The Ants make their live debut in a front room in Muswell Hill. The line-up consists of Adam Ant, Lester Square, Andy Warren, and Paul Flanagan.
May 20th 1977
Adam Ant sites this day as the OFFICIAL debut of The Ants. The lineup this time around is Adam Ant, Mark Ryan, Andy Warren, and Paul Flanagan. Soon after, Paul Flanagan leaves the band while Kenny Morris fills in.
July 5th 1977
They film an appearance for the Derk Jarman punk movie Jubilee, with stand-in Banshees drummer Kenny Morris.
July 11th 1977
The band play at the opening of punk venue the Vortex club, with the Banshees and the Slits.
January 23th 1978
Adam & The Ants make their radio debut on The John Peel Show.
January 24th 1978
They record Deutscher Girls and Plastic Surgery again for Jubilee with new drummer Johnny Bivouac.
May 14th 1978
Bivouac quits after a gig at the Roundhouse, London with X-Ray Spex.
June 6the 1978
Matthew Ashman (guitar and backing vocals) makes his debut with the band at the Hard Rock Cafe, London.
July 10th 1978
The group record their second John Peel Session.
July 29th 1978
Adam & the Ants sign a two-single deal with Decca.
September 9th 1978
Band begin a European tour.
January 1979
Young Partisans single is released, as the band sign to the independent Do It Records.
January 26th 1979
Third John Peel Session.
October 3rd 1979
Warren leaves to join Square in the Monochrome Set and is replaced by Lee Gorman. Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren becomes the group's manager and temporarily introduces Jordan, a female acquaintance, on additional vocals. Dirk Wears White Sox is released.
January 1st 1980
Band play a sell-out New Year's Day gig at the Electric Ballroom, London. This gig is Gorman's first and last in Adam & The Ants.
January 24th 1980
Gorman, Barbe, and Ashman all left in February of 1980 when Malcolm McLaren snagged them for Bow Wow Wow (with girl singer Annabell Lwin).
January 28th 1980
Adam Ant teamed up with Marco Pirroni (born April 27th 1959, ex- Models and Siouxsie & the Banshees). Chris "Merrick" Hughes (drums) join them. Falcon Stewart became bands new manager.
May 1980
Line-up is now Adam (vocals), Terry Lee Miall and Merrick on drums (two drummers!), Marco on guitar, and Kevin Mooney on bass.
July 16th 1980
Group sign to CBS and begin recording Kings of the Wold Frontier.
November 8th 1980
Dog Eat Dog, helped by the band's first BBC TV Top of the Pops appearance, hits UK number 4.
January 24th 1981
Kings of the Wold Frontier tops the UK chart.
January 31th 1981
Young Partisans, re-issued by Decca, hits UK number 9. Soon after this Do It re-issue Zerox (makes n:o 45) and Cartrouble (n:o 33).
September 19th 1981
Prince Charming hits UK number 1, as group embark on the sell-out Prince Charming Revue tour.
January 9th 1982
Antrap hits UK number 3.
February 24th 1982
Kings of the Wold Frontier wins Best British Album at the inaugural BRIT Awards.
March 6th 1982
Polydor re-isuued Deucher Girls from the Jubilee and it reaches UK number 13.
April 29th 1982
Ant and Pirroni are named Songwriters of the Year and Stand And Delivery is honoured as Best Selling A-side at the 27th annual Ivor Novello Awards lunch.
June 12th 1982
First release as Adam And, Goody Two-Shoes, tops the UK charts. At last now they (Adam & Pirroni) has nothing to do with punk any more, so we stop here.


Young Partisians / Lady (Decca F-13803) 01/79
Zerox / Whip in My Valise (DO IT DUN-8) 07/79
** LP ** Dirk Wears White Sox (DO IT RIDE-3; re-release '83 CBS 85361; later also as CD Epic EK 38698) 101/79
Cartrouble / Kick ! (DO IT DUN-10) 03/80
Kings of the Wild Frontier / Press Darlings (CBS CBS-8877) 07/80
Dog Eat Dog / You're So Physical (CBS CBS-9039) 10/80
** LP ** Kings of the Wild Frontier (CBS 84549; later also as CD Epic EK 37033) 11/80
Antmusic / Fall In (CBS SCBS 9352) 11/80
Stand and Deliver / Beat My Guest (CBS CBS-A-1056) 04/81
A.N.T.S. (free flexi with Flexipop-magazine; flexipop LYN9285) -81
Prince Charming / Christian D'or (CBS CBS-A-1408) 09/81
** LP ** Prince Charming (CBS 85268; later also as CD Epic EK 37615) 11/81
Antrap / Friends (CBS CBSA-1738) 11/81
Deutcher Girl / Plastic Surgery (EG EGO-05; tracks from Jubilee soundtrack) 02/82
Antmusic E.P. [The B-Sides] (tracks: Friends // Kick / You're so Physical; DO IT DUN-20 also as 12 with some extra tracks DUNIT-20) 03/82
Young Parisians / Lady / Dodgy Interviews (12"; White Vinyl with free AATA fanzine; (Damaged Goods FNARR 7) -8?
** CD ** The Peel Sessions (1978) (Strange Fruit SFRCD 115) -90
** CD ** The Collection (Castle Communications; Australia) -91
** CD ** B-Side Babies (Epic/Legacy EK 57895) -94

Most important tracks on compilations:

Jubilee - soundtrack: Deutcher Girl and Plastic Surgery (Polydor 2302-079) 3/78
Back to School: Stand And Deliver and Beat My Guest (Promo-LP) (Epic AS1279) -81
Burning Ambitions: Lady (Cherry Red DRED-3) -82
Fun, Filth, And Fury!: Deutcher Girl and Plastic Surgery (Caroline Records Carol 1872-2) -91
Three Minute Heroes: 20 of the Finest Punk & New Wave Singles: Deutscher Girls (Virgin VTCD-9) -92
Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites Volume 2: Antmusic (Oglio Records/Sony Music Special Products A 24352) -93
Pop & Wave Volume 5: The Neverending 80's: Stand and Deliver (Columbia 478012 2) -94
Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: Deutscher Girls (Virgin VTDCD-42) -95
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: ings of the Wild Frontier (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96
Retro - The Best of the Early Eighties: Stand and Deliver (CEL Music CEL068/3) -96
Once in a Lifetime - 40 Classic New Wave Hits: Dog Eat Dog (Telstar TCD2889) -97


** LP ** Madam Stan (also under name Adam & The Ants, note: differnet than the 2LP) -78
** 2LP ** Adam & The Ants (Creative Artistry Records) -81
** 2LP ** Antmusic For Sexpeople (ANTTUNES 7/SWEDEN/2) -8?
** CD ** In Bondage: 1978-9 (Red Sun RSCD002) -9?
** CD ** ANTiques, Volume 1 (demos 1977-1978) -9?
** CD ** ANTiques, Volume 2 (demos 1978) -9?

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