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Anti-Pasti was formed in the 1979 and did get it's "15 minutes of fame" when the first Oi-wave wipe over Britain - even Anti-Pasti was not an Oi-band. In the beginning the line-up was: Martin (vocals), Kev (drums), Dugi (guitar) and Will (bass); later a second guitarist Olly Hoon join the band. The first LP (The Last Call) was a success: 7 weeks in charts, highest position 31. In 1981 band made a split-single with the Exploitedin (Don't Let 'em Grind You Down). The band broke up in 1982 when Martin left, the others formed The Aces, which made only one single One Way Street / Why Should It Be Mine (Etc ETC-01).


Four Sore Points (EP; Rondolet ROUND-2) 5/80
Let Them Free // Antoher Dead Soldier / Hell (Rondelet ROUND-5) 1/81
** LP ** The Last Call (Rondelet ABOUT-5) 8/81
Six Guns // Now's the Time / Call the Army (Rondelet ROUND-10) -81
East to West / Burn in Our Own Flames (Rondelet ROUND-18) -82
** LP ** Caution in the Wind (Rondelet ABOUT-7) -82
Caution in the Wind / Last Train (Rondelet ROUND-26) -82
** LP ** Anti-Pasti (Singles Compilation) (Rondelet ABOUT-13) -83
** CD ** The Last Call (Anagram CDGRAM 48)
** CD ** Caution in the Wind (Anagram CDPUNK 53)
** CD ** The Best Of Anti-Pasti (Dojo) -96
** CD ** Punk Singles Collection (Anagram CDPUNK-106)

Most important tracks on compilations:

Backstage Pass: No Government (Supermusic SUP-2001)
The Only Alternative: No Government, Let Them Free and Six Guns (Rondelet)

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