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From the very beginning (1980) the Anti-Nowhere League tried to be the nastiest, smelliest, ugliest, most brutish punk band of all time - and managed quit nice! Animal (Nick Culmer - vocals), Magoo (Chris Exall - guitar), Winston (bass) and P.J. (drums) were old friends who didn't have much band experience, but that did stop them. Their career did start promising: they did get arrested at playing their first gig!

By the autumn of 1981 they had secured a deal with WXYZ Records and were touring as support to the Damned. Their first single, released in January 1982, was a cover of sad buskers' fave Streets Of London. However, it was the single's b-side (So What) that was to really attract attention with it's nasty lyrics about drugs, beastily, VD, etc. Police did raid WXYZ's office (Feb 12, 82) and seize 10.000 copies of the single. This did give ANL much publicity and helped them to get some minor hits. Late 1982 Mark "Gilly)" Gilham joined the band. Year after their first LP band did record a live-LP at Yugoslavia before breaking up.

ANL did make comeback in 1984 under name The League the line-up was now: Nick "Animal" Karmer (vocals), Winston Blake (bass), Chris "Mango" Exall (guitar) and Mark "Gilly" Gilham (guitars). In gigs the did use different drummers. By this time they wanted to be taken seriously, but didn't get nearly any notice - and broke-up again. After that they have done occasional re-union gigs.


Streets of London / So What (WXYZ ABCD-1) 01/82
I Hate People / Let's Break (WXYZ ABCD-2) 03/82
** LP ** We Are ... the League (WXYZ LMNOP-1) -82
- later also as CD (DOJO CD 3007-2) with 4 b-sides
Woman / Rocker (WXYZ ABCD-4) (also as picture disc ABCDP-4) 07/82
For You / Ballad of I.I. Decay (WXYZ ABCD-6) 11/82
** LP ** Live in Yugoslavia (I.D. NOSE-3) -83
Out on the Wastland / We Will Survive (ABS Records ABCS-004; also as 12" single and picture disc) -84
** LP ** Long Live the League (compilation; ABC) -85
** LP ** R I P (Dojo ) -85
** LP ** Perfect Crime (GWR PAL-1238) -87
** LP ** Live & Loud!! (Link) -90
Fuck Around the Clock [EP] (Link ) -90
** CD ** Best of the Anti-Nowhere League (Cleopatra 72792)-93
** CD ** Singles collection (Anagram CDPUNK 44)
** CD ** Perfect Crime/Live In Yugoslavia (two LPs on same CD)
** CD ** Scum (Pavement) -98
** CD ** Animal! The Very Best Of The Anti-Nowhere League (Anagram CDPUNK 126)

Most important tracks on compilations:

Holidays In The Sun - Volume One: So What (Anagram HITS-01)

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