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Text: Jukka Junttila

The singer and songwriter Alvaro Pena-Rojas was born in 1943 in Chile. In 1974 he came to London where he formed with Joe Strummer (The Clash) the legendary group called The 101íers. Alvaro with his self-produced LPs is an important figure in the origins and developments of the independent music movement, better known as The Indies, when a handful of musicians in the mid-seventies in London ignored for the first time the established record companies and decided to produce and distribute (with considerable difficulties) their own records.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that every new form of music is always difficult to define and the case of Alvaro is by no means an exception. A music and poetry that accepts experimental European elements" but keeping at the same time a solid South American base can perhaps be classified as Transitional Music, which is the way Alvaro himself has tried to define his own work.


Drinkiní My Own Sperm (LP) -77
- re-release as CD -97
Mums Milk Not Powder (LP) -78
The Working Class (LP) -79
Four Sad Songs (Tape) -81
Repetition Kills (LP) -82
Mariposa (Single) -85
Strong as a Bull (Tape) -87
The Clip (Video) -87
Is the Garment Ready? (LP) -88
The Squeak (Single) -90
Iím Not So Young Anymore (Single) -93
Men don't cry, they sing / Perfection is boring (Single) -94 (with Toshiyuki Hiraoka)
Alvaro in Berlin (live-EP) -95
25 years of demo cassettes (CD) -99

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