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Text: Jukka Junttila

Like Devo & Rachel Sweet, Jane Ashley was from Akron, Ohio, and was discovered (singing along to a jukebox !) by talent hound Liam Sternberg. He brought her to London, where Stiff snapped her up. She was supposed to record an album for Stiff, it even got assigned the number SEEZ 11, but this never came to light. She moved to Virgin, who did release LP Jane Aire & The Belvederes. The Belvederes were in fack group called The Edge. The Edge was fromed when guitarist Lu Edmonds and drummer Jon Moss left a brief and unrecorded incarnation of the Damned in 1978. With the addition of keyboardist Gavin Povey (who had played with Lew Lewis) and bassist Glyn Havard (whose long career has included stints with the Yachts), the Edge fell together. The Edge appeared, nearly intact, also on Kirsty MacColl's first album. Jane Aire toured in UK opening for Lene Lovich. Later she married Pete Briquette of the Boomtown Rats.


Yankee Wheels / Nasty .... Nice (Stiff BUY 26) 5/78
Call Me Every Night / Lazy Boy (Virgin VS 273; also as a picture disc) -79
Breaking Down / Life After You (Virgin VS 296) 9/79
** LP ** Jane Aire & The Belvederes (Virgin V2134) 10/79
I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten / Heart Of The City (Stiff 147) 5/82

Most important tracks on compilations:

Two cuts on the Stiff Akron compilation LP (Stiff)
The Stiff Records Box Set: Yankee Wheels (Demon/Rhino R2 71062) -91

Jane Aire linkit:

Jane Aire - Trouser Press

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