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The Adverts were one of the significant groups on the 1976/77 British Punk scene - raw and amateuris but oh so bright. The group was formed in fall 1976 by Devon art students T.V. Smith (aka Tim Smith, vocals) and Gaye Advert (aka Gaye Atlas, bass) after seeing Sex Pistols. Gaye soon became the first female star of punk rock. The other members of the group were Howard Pick-up (guitar) and Lorry Driver (drums). After they (barely) mastered one chord, the Adverts began playing at London's Roxy Club in 1976, where they quickly came to the attention of the Damned's guitarist Brian James. James offered the band an opening spot on the Damned's tour and directed them toward Stiff Records. Stiff released their self-deprecating debut single, One Chord Wonders, in Apr 22, 1977.

After the first single band moved to Anchor Recordsin July 1977 and made their only TOP 20 hit Gary Gilmore's Eyes. They recorded Peel Session in 25.4.1977. Anchor went bankruptcy and band moed to Bright Records which was run by ex-Anchor manager Dave Hill. The first LP Crossing the Red Sea was a masterpiece. Just before it was released in February 1978 Lorry Driver left the band and was replaced by John Towe (ex- Alternative TV and Generation X, later Shooters) for a short time before Rod Latter filled the the place.

Everything seems to go right and band moved to RCA, ... and made flop singles and LP. Soon after the second LP band broke up in the October 1979. The only Advert who did continue in the music business was T.V. Smith who stared a long solo-career after the Adverts.

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One Chord Wonders / Quick Step (Stiff BUY-13) 4/77
Gary Gilmore's Eyes / Bored Teenagers (Anchor Records ANC-1043) 8/77
Safety in Numbers / We Who Wait (Anchor Records ANC-1047) 11/77
No Time to Be 21 / New Day Dawning (Bright 001) 1/78
** LP ** Crossing the Red Sea (Bright BRL-201) 2/78
Television's Over // Back From the Dead / New Church (live) (RCA PB-5128) 11/78
My Place / New Church (RCA PB-5160) 6/79
Cast of Thousands / I Will Walk You Home (RCA PB-5191) 6/79
** LP ** Cast of Thousands (RCA PL-25246) 10/79
** LP ** Crossing the Red Sea (Butt ALSO 002) 11/81 ** re-release (includes Gary Gilmore's Eyes), some with red vinyl
Gary Gilmore's Eyes /We Who Wait / New Day Dawning (Bright BULB1) 5/83
** LP ** Crossing the Red Sea (Bright BUL-2) 11/81 ** re-release (include Gary Gilmore's Eyes)
The Peel Session (maxi; Strange Fruit SFPS-034) -87
** CD ** Crossing the Red Sea (Link Records CLINK-CD-1) -90 ** re-release (include Gary Gilmore's Eyes, We Who Wait and New Day Dawning)
** LP ** Live at the Roxy (Receiver RRLP-136) -90
** CD ** Live and Loud!! (Link CD-159) -92
** CD ** The Punk Singles Collection (Anagram CDPUNK-95) -97
** CD ** Crossing the Red Sea (Castle Communications ESMCD451) -97 ** re-release (include Gary Gilmore's Eyes, We Who Wait)
** CD ** Cast of Thousands (Anagram CDPUNK-102) ** re-release
** CD ** The Best Of The Adverts (Anagram CDPUNK-107) -98

Most important tracks on compilations:

Live at the Roxy: Bored Teenagers (Harvest/EMI SHSP-4069) -77
Heroes and Cowards: One Chord Wonders (Stiff SEEZ-0) -78
Geef Voor New Wave: Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Ariola 25541-ET)
Burning Ambitioins: Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Cherry Red D RED 3)
The Stiff Records Box Set: One Chord Wonders (Demon/Rhino R2 71062) -91
DiY 1: Anarchy in the UK - UK Punk I (1976-77): One Chord Wonders, Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Rhino Records R2 71171) -93
Best Punk Album in the World...Ever!: Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Virgin VTDCD-42) -95
The Number One Punk Album: 47 Punk Rock Classics: Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Polygram TV 535 658-2) -96
Punk: No Time to Be 21 (live) and Bored Teenagers (live) (Music Collection Int.MCCD 015)
Indie scene 1977: One Chord Wonders and Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Connoisseur Collection IBMCD-77) -91

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