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Ipswich based Adicts is best know of it's strong visual image which is mostly taken from Kubrik's film A Clockwork Orange. Musically they were poppy power punk, bud sadly a little bit late - in late 70s they surely would have made it, but in times of New Romance and Oi they were odd band, still they did have success on Indie Charts. Their line-up was: Monkey (aka Keith Warren, vocals), Pete Davison (guitar), Mel Ellis (bass), Kid Dee (aka Michael Davison, drums).
Last time toured USA in 1994 and played 60 shows.


Lunch with the Adicts EP (This Week / Straight Jacket // Organised Confusion / Easy Way Out; Dining Out TUX-1) -81
** LP ** Songs of Praise (Dwed Wecords SMT-008; re-release Fall Out FALL-LP-006; later also as CD Cleopatra CLEO24812) 11/81
Viva La Revolution // Steamroller / Numbers (Fall Out FALL-002) -82
** LP ** Sound of Music (Razor RAZ-2; later also as CD Cleopatra CLEO33152) -82
Chinese Takeaway / You'll Never Walk Alone / Too Young (Razor RZS-101) -82
** MC ** Live at the Moonlight Club 28-2-82 (Chaos Tapes LIVE-010) -82
Bad Boy / Shake, Rattle, Bang Your Head (Razor RZS-104; also as shaped picture disc with bonus track Joker in the Pack RZSP-104) -83
** LP ** This Is Your Life (Fall Out LP-021) -83
- later also as CD
Tokyo / The Odd Couple (as ADX; Picture disckuvalevy; Sire W-9298; also as 12" on white vinyl, with bonus track ADX Medley) -84
** CD ** Smart Alex (compilation) (Cleopatra CLEO33262)
** CD ** Twenty Seven (Cleopatra CLEO59152)
** CD ** Live and Loud (Cleopatra CLEO71292)
** LP ** Rockers Into Orbit (live) (Fall Out FALL LP 046; green vinyl) -90
** CD ** The Complete Adicts Singles Collection (Anagram CDPUNK-33)
** CD ** 27 (Anagram CDPUNK-87)
** CD ** Very Best Of The Adicts (Anagram) -98

Most important tracks on compilations:

The Indie Scene: The Story of British Independent Music 1980: Easy Way Out (Connoisseur Collection IBM CD 80) -9?
The Indie Scene: The Story of British Independent Music 1982: Viva the Revolution (Connoisseur Collection IBM CD 82) -92
Punk And Disorderly: Straight-Jacket (Anagram CD-PUNK-100)

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