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After playing in Duke, Duke & the Dukes and making not so successful solo-LP (The Mind Parasites (Tranatlantic TRA-307) -75) Simon Boswell (vocals, guitar) formed Advertising on the last week of 1976. Tot Taylor (vocals, keyboard), Paul Bultitude (drums) and Dennis Smith (bass) became the other power poppers.

When the new wave boom started Advertising was signed by EMI in autumn 1977. Debyt single Lipstick was released as soon as November 1977 - which is by the way the best Adverting song. In February-March 1978 band made a big UK tour supporting Blondie. There where big hopes on the Advertising, but when the LP Jingles (which includes both singles) didn't hit the charts band broke up in february 1979.

After Adverting Boswell had played in Red Lights, Crooks, Live Wire and White Heat, Tot Taylor in Tot & the Girls in Room 419. Dennis Smith is the only one who have had success afterwards, he played in Secret Affair.


Lipstick / Lonely Guys (EMI 2710; In Germany Crystal 006-CRY-06579) -77
Stolen Love / Suspender Fun (EMI 2754) -78
** LP ** Jingles (EMI EMC-3251) -78

Most important tracks on compilations:

Meet the New Punk Wave: Lipstick (EMI/Bovema 5C050.2S896 (Holland)) -78

Advertising linkit:

Advertising - Trouser Press

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