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In 1976 Nick Cash (aka Keith Lucas; guitar & vocals), Guy Days (guitar & vocals), Jon Watson (bass) and Pablo LaBritain (aka Paul Buck; drums & percussions) started to play together. The first gig was 22.1.1977 and their band was called The Dials at that time. Soon the changed their name to 48 Hours (Nick Cash was called Gene Carsons at that time), and after that the name was The Fanatics, and ... ta ta tratta taa ... finally 999. As trivia: Nick did play in early 70's in Kilburn & the High Roads, which is known as Ian Durys first band - Nick did leave Kilburns 17.6.75. Soon 999 established it's name as good live act in London punk-circuit and played often at places like Nashville, Roxy, Vortex, etc.

The first single was on their own label called Labritain (what was their drummer called? heh) and in interview they said that nobody can buy them, so it was a little bit embarrassing that after that 999 collected offer from every record label and choose United Artists. They did made bunch of good singles (five were TOP-100 hits in UK) and some good LP's (first one was brilliant!) to UA, before the company went bankrupt..

In end of 1978 LaBritain injuried in a car accident and was replaced by Ed Case who was band's long time fan. In March 1979 they made first American tour - not so successful. After the tour LaBritain came back to drums, but Ed was sill some kind of fifth member of the band.

After UA 999 recorded to several record label but had only minor success with Albion in the beginning of 80's. Mid and late 80's were not good for the band and 1985 Jon Watson called it quits. After that band didn't play for an year, but in the beginning of 1987 they tried once again. This time the bassist was Danny Palmer.

Although 999 never really break through and their success didn't lat long in late 70's (five TOP-100 singles!) they didn't give up but continued their strange journey in punks wasteland.

There a new CD out called Takeover and the line-up on that CD is Nick Cash, Guy Days, Pablo LaBritain and Arturo Bassick (ex- Lurkers).


I'm Alive / Quite Disappointing (Labritain LAB-999) 9/77
Nasty Nasty / No Pity (United Artists UP-36299) 10/77
Nasty Nasty / No Pity (promo; green vinyl; 78 rpm; United Artists FREE-7) -77
Emergency / My Street Stinks (Untied Artists UP-36399) 1/78
** LP ** 999 (United Artists UAG-30199) 3/78
Me And My Desire / Crazy (United Artists UP-36376) 4/78
Feelin' Alright with the Crew // Titanic Reaction / You Can't Buy Me (United Artists UP-36435) 8/78
Homicide / Soldier (some in green vinyl; United Artists UP-36467) -78
** LP ** Separates (10.000 contains a voucher with which You get Action maxi free; United Artists UAG-30209) 9/78
Action / Waiting (12" EP; Labritain 12-FREE-10) -78
** LP ** High Energy Plan (=Separates in USA, two tracks changed; PVC/Radar PVC-7999 (USA)) -79
I'm Alive / Quite Disappointing (United Artist UP-36159) 6/79
Found Out Too Late / Lie, Lie, Lie (Radar ADA-46) 9/79
Trouble / Made a Fool of You (Polydor POSP-99) 1/80
** LP ** The Biggest Prize in Sport (Polydor POLS-1013) 1/80
- later also as CD (Anagram CDPUNK 67)
Boys in the Gang // Brent Cross / Ain't Gonna Tell You (Liberty-United) 03/80
** LP ** The 999 Singles Album (Liberty-United SOS-999) 6/80
** LP ** The Biggest Tour in Sport (mini-LP; Polydor PD-1-6307(USA)) -80
Obsessed // Change / Lie, Lie, Lie (live) (Albion ION-1011) 4/81
Obsessed (mono) / Obsessed (stereo) (promo; Polydor PD-2172-DJ (USA) -81
** LP ** Concrete (Albion ITS-999) 4/81
Li'l Red Riding Hood // Wait for Your Number to be Called / I Ain't Gonna Tell You (live) (some with stencil; Albion ION-1017) 6/81
Indian Reservation // So Greedy (remix) / Taboo (remix) (some with clear vinyl; Albion ION-1023) 11/81
Wild Sun / Scandal in the City (red vinyl; Albion ION-1033; also as 12" with 'You Know I Need You'(12-ION-1033)) 6/82
13th Floor / Madness / Nightshift (Albion ION-155; also as 12" with 'Arabesque' (12-ION-155) 10/83
** LP ** 13th Floor Madness (Albion AS-8502) 11/83
** LP ** Indentity Parade (=Greatest Hits,compilation; Albion ALB-118) 3/84
** LP ** Face to Face (Labritain LAB-LP-1000-03) -85
** LP ** In Case of Emergency (compilation; Dojo / Castle Communications) -86
** LP ** Lust, Power & Money (live; ABC ABCL-11) -87
** LP ** Live and Loud (Link)
- later CD (Link LINK CD 107, with 13 songs) -90
** LP ** Cellblocks Tapes (early demos and livetracks; Link LINK-LP-125) -90
** CD ** You, Us, It! (compilation of early recordings; Anagram CDGRAM-71)
** CD ** The Albion Punk Singles Collection (Anagram Records CDPUNK-78) -96
** CD ** Live at the Nashville 1979 (Anagram Records CDPUNK-093)
** CD ** Scandal in the city (compilation; Line CD 901326) -97
** CD ** Emergency (compilation; Receiver CD 245) -97
** CD ** Homicide:the best of 999 (Cleopatra 178)
** CD ** Takeover -98
** CD ** Slam (Overground OVER 84CD) -99

Most important tracks on compilations:

Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival: Crazy (live) ja Quite Disappointing (2LP; Warner Bros WBK-46077) 4/78
Meet the New Punk Wave: Emergency (EMI/Bovema 5C050.25896(Holland)) -78
'URGH! A Music War: Homicide (live) (2LP; A&M SP-6019) -81
20 of Another Kind Vol. 1: ???
Personality Crisis: Obsessed (Action Replay ARLP-101)
Burning Ambitions - A History of Punk: I'm Alive (2LP; Cherry Red D RED3) -82
DiY 2: The Modern World - UK Punk II (1977-78): Emergency, Homicide (Rhino Records R2 71172) -93
The Indie Scene 1981: The Story of British Independent Music: Little Red Riding Hood (Connoisseur Collection IBM CD 82) -92
Living in Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits Volume 1: Homicide (EMI E2 81417) -93
Punk University Volume 1: Homicide (Oglio Records OGL 81571-2) -94
British Punk Rock .... 1977: Nasty Nasty (Anagram CD-PUNK-500)
Holidays In The Sun - Volume Two: Nasty Nasty (Anagram HITS-02)

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